Recovery and Relaxation for Active Humans!

 Solutions For Aches, Allergy, “-Itis” and Pain

What makes you feel ALIVE and HAPPY? Growing an amazing garden, playing with your kids or grand-kids, golfing, hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing…all of the things that keep us young and vital!

Inflammation is a fact of happens. It shows up as a little kink, or a little bloating, or a little allergy. Inflammation doesn’t have to make you a prisoner of the medical system…If you have an allergy, a niggle in your back, neck, shoulders, chronic headaches, digestive system issues, or an “-itis”…

Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd, R.BIE

Let me show you natural solutions to heal the root causes of the inflammation!

Why See Me? 

  • You need to get back on track, get appointments quickly, receive great service, feel important and heard, and have your needs met.
  • You want an effective approach from a University graduate with a Science Degree, who’s approach to healing is based in science
  • You need an holistic approach that respects and heals the body allowing faster and better recovery from injuries and from workouts
  • You want an approach that will leave you healthier and more vital, not just band aid the problem
  • You need a kind practitioner in your corner who, in almost 10 years of practice has been there too and is going to listen and work with you.
  • You want to feel better right away, not wait for months with a lengthy intake process, I get you started on the first visit
  • You want to feel so relaxed during treatments that you might just fall asleep! 
  • You want the icing on the cake of what you already do. My treatments work by themselves AND with your regular massages, chiropractic, physio, prolo-therapy, osteopath etc
  • You want your treatments to offer great value, and not break the bank with expensive tests and assessments
  • You want to have an easy routine of maintenance to deal with inflammation when it is small, and not wait until it sidelines you. 
Your Active Life…with less pain





Active People Need and Easy, Common Sense, No- Nonsense, Supportive and Empowering Approach!

Healthy people have a self motivating mindset. They want to address what is causing the things that hold us back.  I understand, I care and I will listen to you and deliver natural solutions that you can get back to what you love in less pain, less discomfort, recovered and re-charged! 

 Your Health is in YOUR Hands!

Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd, R.BIE Nutritionist and BIE Practitioner


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“Good morning Kate!I just wanted to share that since my session I am feeling much clearer overall! The first day I had a massive headache, which started while still at the office, but was gone the next day. I still noticed my body reacting to fats, but a bit less everyday… The best though is how I feel clearer energetically overall!  I look forward to continued sessions, and improvements!” LD (Kelowna)(BIE client)

“The footspa works so good. I feel so energized and more confident than ever. It helped my mother too. She feels also directly after the session energized and more positive. She’s feeling her feet again (because of her polyneuropathy she couldn’t feel her feet anymore). We’re so thankful, you can’t imagine how much!! We want to do one session per month for ourselves. Some acquaintances are now coming for the footspa too. Again a BIG THANKS Kate for all your help and your support. It’s been a real positive shift!” BF (Detox Foot Spa Client)


Disclaimer: Kate Shivers B.Sc, BEd, R.BIE is not a Medical Doctor. She does not diagnose, or cure illness. This website is for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose or cure disease, nor to replace the advice of a medical doctor. Any reference to "allergy" refers to "altered reactivity" and not necessarily to immune mediated "classic allergy".
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