BioEnergetics & Nutrition & Detox Foot Bath = A Healthier You

What are those little reactions saying to you?

You know…those little things that pop up gradually over time..a little itchy skin here, a little bloating there, sad moods, hormone imbalances, low energy, digestive upset…what is your body trying to tell you? When did it start telling you that it was unhappy? Maybe you have tried to cope for 20 years, maybe something just happened and it is a wake up call, but you aren’t sure what IT is…I can help you figure out what your body is signalling to you…and it isn’t all about gluten and dairy.

 Your Health is in YOUR Hands!

Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd, R.BIE Nutritionist and BIE Practitioner

Self Care is How You Take Your Power Back!
You know how much time you spend on your health…appointments, waiting rooms, schedules, routines…Is it working for you? Is your practitioner listening to you and actually helping you get happier, healthier, feel better and be better emotionally and physically? Is your practitioner knowledgeable, caring and understanding? Do they take the time to actually hear you? Do they look at your body as a whole, or as bits of disconnected parts?
You know when you want something different, when you NEED something different.  You know when you have been to the usual places (or haven’t), and it isn’t working for you.
You feel scared, frustrated, unhappy and still in pain, still reacting, and questioning why it is that nobody can help you.
You want change, you want answers and most of all you want to feel better! You want someone to listen, to care for you and to treat you like an individual with unique needs. Healthy Self = Heal – Thy – Self


Elimination diets are a thing of the past. You have probably already done those and you aren’t satisfied. Blood tests are expensive and then the information is not really helpful.
If you want a real answer, a solution that actually addresses your needs then look no further! I am calling to moms who need to support their health, so they can support their family. But you don’t need health or self care  to be overly complicated! If you are stressed, let’s work together to get you the herbal and nutritional support you need!
If you want a painless, natural way to put your health back in YOUR hands, from a caring professional who will take the time to listen and guide you, then you have arrived. Welcome!
At Kate Shivers Allergy and Wellness there is one priority..and that is YOU. I take the time to listen, to understand, to hear your stories of your life and health. I don’t have one protocol, I don’t treat everyone with a certain health concern the same way. I take the time to consider your body and mind as a whole, integrated system, not as individual disconnected parts.
I welcome women and men 50 years and older to improve circulation in the legs and feet, to improve joint and muscle pain, memory and skin conditions with the Detox Foot Bath and to receive better nutrition with Nature’s Sunshine. I will help you get to know both of these. This phase of life is a re-FIRING of health and well-BEING. It is often an new era in a person’s life, one where natural health and happiness solutions are welcomed as a form of health insurance for your most important investment…YOU! It is finally time to pay attention to YOU!!
I also welcome the elders in our society, especially those living in assisted living arrangements in the Okanagan and in North Vancouver who need a caring professional who will listen, provide companionship, and who will make their lives happier and healthier with improved vitality and energy. This is YOUR time, this is YOUR health, YOU are my priority.
Kate takes the time to listen to you and offer solutions for increased health and happiness.

 Healthier Circulation and Nutrition


Your Time is Valuable! Increase Your Wellness In the Comfort of Your Own Home or Assisted Living Facility with my Mobile Treatments and Consultations! Groups are Encouraged, Get Healthy With Your Friends and Family!

 Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd, R.BIE

Nutritionist, BIE Practitioner, Mom and Triathlete

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“Good morning Kate!I just wanted to share that since my session I am feeling much clearer overall! The first day I had a massive headache, which started while still at the office, but was gone the next day. I still noticed my body reacting to fats, but a bit less everyday… The best though is how I feel clearer energetically overall!  I look forward to continued sessions, and improvements!” LD (Kelowna)(BIE client)

“The footspa works so good. I feel so energized and more confident than ever. It helped my mother too. She feels also directly after the session energized and more positive. She’s feeling her feet again (because of her polyneuropathy she couldn’t feel her feet anymore). We’re so thankful, you can’t imagine how much!! We want to do one session per month for ourselves. Some acquaintances are now coming for the footspa too. Again a BIG THANKS Kate for all your help and your support. It’s been a real positive shift!” BF (Detox Foot Spa Client)



Disclaimer: Kate Shivers B.Sc, BEd, R.BIE is not a Medical Doctor. She does not diagnose, or cure illness. This website is for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose or cure disease, nor to replace the advice of a medical doctor. Any reference to "allergy" refers to "altered reactivity" and not necessarily to immune mediated "classic allergy".
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