Heal your body with nutrition. Heal your mind with well-BEING. Heal your soul with bliss.

Foot Reflexology [ ree-flek-soluh-jee ] is a form of deep tissue foot massage that promotes healing, pain relief, and stress relief to the whole body! Benefits include improved energy, reduced pain such as from headaches, muscle tension and female concerns, improved circulation, better metabolism and digestion, improved feeling of well-being, stress relief, clarity of thought, and more.

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Heal body, Mind and Soul

Healing happens in layers. The Foundation is nutrition. Build a strong structure and heal from the inside-out. Collagen supports and re-builds your bone, tendons, skin, nails, heart and organs.

Nature’s Sunshine Pure Collagen

Heal your body!! The modern diet is not nutritious enough to support health and is deficient in many nutrients. So, Nature’s Sunshine developed a pure form of collagen. Concerned about purity? Our products are tested for impurities equivalent to 1 drop in 10 Olympic swimming pools! It is the purest on the market. Our Collagen helps when you are sore, tired, stand all day, have sore hips, knees or digestive issues, you need nutrition. Collagen is a great first step. Think PINK! Nature’s Sunshine PINK label Collagen. Click this link to learn about and order Collagen from Nature’s Sunshine.

Treat stress… through the feet

Heal your mind!! Foot Reflexology relaxes the nervous system by applying pressure to the feet. It brings about pain relief, relaxation, feelings of well-being, and alignment.

February is heart month! Book a reflexology treatment to help de-stress!

Heal your soul!! Have you experienced the relaxation and happiness of a foot reflexology treatment from me? Complete with hot stone massage of the lower leg, calf muscles and feet, and essential oils…this treatment will make your soul happy!

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Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd

Foot Reflexology and more. Take the opportunity to relax, refresh and restore from the stress of every day life in my beautiful setting, with me! A certified foot reflexologist. Activating pressure points on the feet has been used for thousands of years to bring about balance in the body, mind and sole.

Reflexology is perfect for athletes, busy parents, people with anxiety, depression, stress, diabetes, and the elderly. It relaxes the body into a place where stress melts away. It supports healthy digestion, immunity, back, neck, hip and structural health, and more.

Talking Body, Listening Hands