5 Magical Remedies for Gas!

Yes, I say magical because that what everyone who is currently around you will say when they can breathe easier! MAGIC!!!

If you or someone you know…or your…um…friend…has bad gas, they might be in denial. Who? ME?? No…that was the dog! or the baby…or I think a garbage truck just drove by…or wasn’t that you??

But you should tell your friend or your dog…that having bad gas is a sign of something going wrong in that fermentation chamber they call a gut. For some reason, pathogenic yeast or parasites are fermenting the leftovers of digestion and producing smells that you would rather not smell.

So, here is a list of 5 Magical Remedies for Gas. But, to make your decision, be sure to ask your…dog…to contact a knowledgeable practitioner (ME!!)…

1. Natures Sunshine Yeast and Fungal Detox– gets rid of the little buggers…but you have to modify your diet too if you want the changes to last

2. NSP Candida Clear – this is the big boy! This is the industrial package that will help clean your gut so well that you won’t even recognize your own stench!

3. NSP Probiotic-11 – So, as you are killing the bad guys that make nasty in your gut, re-populate with some nice little soldiers that will keep the little stinkers at bay.

4. NSP – Artemesia Combination – Kills parasitic worms, flukes, and other crazy-making methane bombers from your whole smelly body…

5. NSP Digestive Enzymes – Little wonder pills that help to digest your food for you, because most of us are enzyme deficient, so that barely chewed, half digested food burger that you just scarfed as you were talking to your buddies and swilling beer…isn’t leftover in your rectum. Either you get the nutrients out of your food, or the yeast will vaporize it for you!

There are many more too!!

So, let me leave you with a parting thought…if you or someone who you want to sit on the couch with has this problem, they need help. Actually, you also need help, because without help you will lead a lonely life. Alone without your gassy friends, or a life of rejection because you ARE the stinky one. So if you stink, or if someone you know stinks, get help. Call Butts Anonymous, or Vancouver Allergy and get the support you need!

This has been a public service announcement.



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