Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd, R.BIE

Vancouver Allergy, as it was established in 2010, is now Heel. I am undergoing a third iteration, as I switch my focus to Foot Reflexology.?

Hello! I am Kate Shivers, a science major at University, former high school science teacher, and nutritionist with special interests in inflammation, pain, healing, recovery, athletics allergies, herbal remedies and preventative nutrition.

I work for active families, active adults, who want to be free of the little or big niggles in digestion, skin, eyes, headaches, backs, recovery from broken bones or other injuries, and with helping the body run smoothly day-to-day.

I work with natural healing modalities such as BioEnergetics (BIE), nutrition, detox foot bath, Foot Reflexology (added in 2019), and Hot Stone Massage (added in 2019), all of which address the root causes of inflammation, which in turn, allows the body to heal and recover from injuries and workouts in a fast and effective manner.

I am a lover of all things natural, triathlon, biking (that’s me in the pink), the Okanagan, swimming, running, dogs, kids, families, eating well, making beautiful products, and sharing them with love.

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