About Kate Shivers Allergy and Wellness

IMG_3779Vancouver Allergy was established in 2010. It is owned and operated by me…Kate Shivers, a nutritionist with a special interest in allergies, intolerances, herbal remedies and preventative nutrition.

I have had a long history with food avoidance, food allergy diagnosis, anaphylactic allergy and finally with BioEnergetics. BIE is a modern modality that shares some similarities with electo-acupuncture and homeopathy. BIE shifts energy blockages. When a substance is energetically blocked in the body, it cannot be recognized and used. BIE breaks down that energy blockage so that the body can recognize the substance and utilize it appropriately. When the substance can be used again, vital energy is restored and cells, tissues and organs can function. BIE helps the body to heal itself.

I am thrilled to be able to combine my nutrition background with BIE and the Detox foot bath. These three form a triple threat against disease. I don’t necessarily mean clinical diseases, but disease meaning feeling unwell, low in energy, getting frequent colds or experiencing allergies or pain. Nearly all disease is the result of nutrient deficiencies. I help people find the answers to their health issues, big and small. I use a common sense approach which takes care of intolerances, cleans the body, and re-nourishes with diet changes and targeted supplementation.

As a former teacher, I love to share what I have learned on my journey. I also love learning and read every nutrition book I can and attend conferences as often as I can. I believe that the root of the majority of our health challenges is nutrition and cleansing. Did you know that 78% of Canadians are nutrient deficient?

As Mom to 4 young kids, I know the pressures of working families and the nutritional pressures of our kids in a modern world. I have great ideas, recipes, and family education lessons to help you educate your kids about nutrition…and sometimes the kids actually listen! 🙂 I believe that nutrition is a life skill that must be taught and that the body is constantly giving us signals about what it needs. Nutrition is not the same as scarfing down a can of something on the way out the door to a sporting event. Nutrition taking molecules of food and incorporating them into the very matrix that makes up our bodies. It is how we nourish ourselves and create the health that we want, for ourselves, our kids and future generations. What do you want your body to be made of? What is your body trying to tell you? What is that rash telling you? How about that red bump, those dark circles under the  eyes , that pain, that itch, that infection, that energy level or that lack of attention span?

So, where is your health at today? If you want to understand why you are experiencing your symptoms, or if you just want natural relief, then Vancouver Allergy is the place for you. If you are not completely satisfied with your health, your routine, your over the counter remedies, your pharmaceuticals, and your symptoms, then it is time to try my approach. I believe that a science-based, nutritional perspective is the way to heal. When I recommend something, it is backed up with research, and testing. I don’t recommend random and frustrating elimination diets, nor do I recommend a cupboard full of unrelated, confusing and ineffective supplements. I honor a person’s time and finances and only recommend what is shown to HELP the person’s health, symptoms and longevity. My herbal and nutritional recommendations might just get you off your drugs, and free of their life altering side-effects. You will find yourself with more energy, more stamina, more able to resist colds and flu, able to pay attention in class, and feeling healthy!

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