Are You Different?

If you are different, if you are a challenge, if you are a different kind of challenge…then you should try BIE.

I had a serious health challenge…in that I went into anaphylactic shock out of the clear blue sky after being stung by a honeybee. And then again in the MD Allergist’s office during my scratch test…and then again after getting a flu shot…all three incidents within a year and a bit. Never been in shock before that…I didn’t even know I had “allergies”. I had never been diagnosed with anything, and seemed perfectly healthy. But underneath, somewhere inside the depths of my immune system, something was brewing. The Medical System had no answers for me. Just don’t get stung…they said…you have about 4 minutes to live…they said. Hmmmm…. I said…what else can I do??

So, I found BIE, went to another practitioner for help. She “helped” me, rather…BIE helped me. And I loved it so much that I became a BIE practitioner also. But there was always that lurking question…”but, have you ever been stung since that?”…and I hadn’t. Until now…

This summer…I GOT STUNG…OH…NOOOOOOO!!!!! My husband ran to go get my epipen. The paramedics ran over, the fire chief ran over, I had LOTS of people surrounding me…waiting for me to crash. The crash never happened. A reaction…didn’t happen. I didn’t swell, the sting didn’t itch, there was no visible reaction at all.

When I got stung, I had a feeling that everything would be ok. I remember the panic, the anxiety and the fear. I will still carry my epipen, and I won’t be kicking over any wasp nests to test it out, but I feel a lot more confident to go outside now and I feel a lot of confidence in BIE. BIE helped me when nothing else could. It shifted things on a level that nothing else could.

I know that it wasn’t a honeybee that stung me this summer…it was a yellow jacket, like in the picture. But, their venom is so similar that I would have reacted the same. The scratch test at the MD Allergist revealed that…I was severely allergic to all 5 of the stinging insects he tested me for. Now my immune system is calmer, more in balance and able to withstand a stressor without going berzerk! That feels good.


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