Are You Killing Your Heart?

Image result for pictures of overweight dogsShocking deaths lately in the entertainment world…several beloved people dying of heart related illness. They join the half a million Canadians that died this year of heart disease. Which is more shocking…that is could happen to a certain celebrity, or that it happened half a million times last year? Now I am not a Doctor, and I am not claiming to know exactly what killed these people, but I wanted to shed some light on heart health in general, and how you and I can at least control the PREVENTABLE risks that plague so many of us! Heart disease kills the more Canadians than the entire population of the Northwest Territories each year. This is an epidemic. It is like a 747 plane crashing every 3-4 days! Read on to see what you can do if you are on the plane!


First, the sobering facts about heart disease…

  1. It takes years to develop, and is generally painless as it is developing
  2. 1.6 million Canadians have heart disease (that is more than the entire population of Manitoba)
  3. It is the 2nd leading cause of death (as of 2012)
  4. It killed 48 000 Canadians in 2012
  5. 50% of Canadians think that heart failure can be cured…it can’t
  6. Heart failure costs the Canadian Health Care System $2.8 BILLION dollars per year
  7. 500 000 Canadians are diagnosed with heart failure every year (not including those with heart attack)
  8. 25% of heart attach patients are NOT tested for blood sugar levels or high cholesterol (both of which are factors in having a heart attack in the first place)
  9. The biggest risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, blood sugar problems and being over weight
  10. The biggest impact on heart health comes from incorporating a healthy diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising 150 min/week (adults) and 60 min/day (kids)

So, as saddened as I am about the recent celebrity deaths, we have to learn something from them to make this truly meaningful and let their legacy live on. We need to acknowledge the 2nd largest killer of Canadians has taken countless loved ones from families just like yours and left behind grieving family members who are missing people that they actually knew and loved. Despite the social media claim…2016 is not the problem.

We, as a society and as individuals need to change something in our own lives so that we don’t end up there. Just read the list above again. Look at yourself and your habits. Are you on the road to health or death, because there are only 2 choices. Before you put that food in your mouth, is it going to promote health or death? I am sorry to be so blunt, but we don’t have time to waste. Too many people are on the road to death. The paunchy belly, the acceptance of buying bigger clothes, the drive thru, fast food meals, the lack of exercise…it is everywhere, but that doesn’t make it the way to live…actually the opposite is true, it makes it the way to die.

The sobering fact is that the second largest killer of people is a PREVENTABLE disease…if people would just prevent it that is. Incidentally, the disease that kills more people is cancer, which shares many of the same risk factors as heart disease. We also need to learn from the other 50,000 Canadians, who will die just like those celebrities, of preventable, or largely preventable heart disease alone.

Preventable is not the same as CURABLE. Statistics show that 50% of Canadians believe that heart failure is a curable disease. It is not.

Prevention is the key…

The top ways to PREVENT heart disease and heart failure are the SAME!

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. Stop eating unhealthy fats, sugar and processed foods
  4. Get exercise each day
  5. Maintain a healthy body weight
  6. Manage stress

So, what is YOUR commitment for your health this year, or this week, or TODAY…because everyone has to start somewhere. Are you going for a healthy day, or an unhealthy day? Are you doing a healthy meal or unhealthy meal? Are you feeding your kids in such a way that they become some of the 41 million kids worldwide under the age of 5 that are overweight or obese? That is over 10 times the population of British Columbia in sick kids! These statistics are not even shocking for most people reading this. They still don’t get the impact of these numbers on GLOBAL health. It has to start today, and it has to start with a full commitment to make today better and healthier than yesterday.

But don’t take my word for it, because studies show that if people are TOLD to do something, 80% of the time, they will be stubborn, rebel and ignore the advice…just look at how it is to ask your kids to clean up their rooms! So, I am not telling you to do anything at all. In fact, it is completely your choice weather you change or not. It is completely your choice, but in the end what you choose is what you get, so it is all up to each person. Isn’t that cool? Your health is up to you!! That is a cute phrase, eh? The challenge is to live that phrase. But I am NOT telling you what to do with your one and only life.

I can offer you something that you might find helpful…A free health workshop. Check out my page for scheduled workshops, or book one of your own for you and your co-workers. Just call, just start. If you choose to. In this workshop you will learn some of many tools to help you if you are choosing to be healthier today. If you would choose to lose the drive thru, lose the belly fat, lose the risk factors, I will show you several simple ways to accomplish the life that you want. You are not alone, and I want to help people who want to change, who want to get off the plane! So, if you want to create the life that you want, and not be stuck in the rut that has created the body you woke up in this morning, now you know one thing you can do right now that will start you on the right track.┬áIf you want to change the health of the generations you are leaving behind, now you can. If you want to care for your Earth Ship in the most caring way you can, now you know. But don’t do it because I told you to…only because you want to.




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