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Natural Solutions to Diverticulitis

Image result for images of fat squirrelsThis is an urban squirrel that eats urban food…Do YOU?

Here is another question…What does your poop have to do with health? I hope you think that it has nearly EVERYTHING to do with health. How often, how much, the colour, the smell…everything that comes out of your body was a direct reflection of what went into your body hours before. So, as a nutritionist, I take it one step further and encourage people to be conscious of what they eat, and to understand that the healthier they can make what goes in, the healthier on the way through and the healthier on the way out.  But what does “healthy” mean? It is a cute word…but let’s see one example of what it really means…

Take this mini quiz and see if your intestine might need a little help…If you answer YES to any of the following then you might be at risk…

  1. Do you eat red meat every day or nearly every day?
  2. Do you eat 5 or fewer servings (cups) of vegetables each day?
  3. Do you eat 2 or fewer servings of nuts per week?
  4. Have you had antibiotics lately?
  5. Are your poops difficult to pass?
  6. Do you eat chia seeds and flax seeds less than once per week?
  7. Do you eat deep fried or processed foods 3-7 times per week?
  8. Do you exercise less than 150 min per week?
  9. Do you drink less than your body weight in pounds in ounces of water each day?
  10. Do you poop less than 2 times per day?

Image result for images of vegetablesNearly every condition that develops in the body that people view as “disease” can be traced back to inflammation in the body that was over looked or ignored in some way, and got worse, more severe, and becomes the “disease”. In the case of the large intestine, one such “disease” is called diverticulitis. First, let’s go over what the large intestine does…it is the part of the digestive system in the lower abdomen that receives food from the small intestine, which received food from the stomach. So, we are talking about an area of the body that will see what you have eaten about 8-10 hours after you swallow. During that time, food is mixed with digestive chemicals and broken down into the very building blocks so that all along the intestine, these microscopic building blocks of food can be absorbed into your blood and built into your body. So, what is left by the time food reaches the large intestine? It has been in your body for around 1/2 a day, slowly moving its way down.

Do you think that the large intestine needs nourishment too?

Do you think that eating nutrient rich foods are better or worse for the health of the large intestine?

The first problem is that the large intestine is at the end of the line for food, so there isn’t much left for it. So, eating nutrient poor foods, such as most of the common North American diet, leaves the large intestine malnourished.

Image result for images for large intestineThe second problem of why disease forms in the large intestine is to do with the fact that it has been designed to accommodate lots of dietary fiber, and our current diets just don’t work in this system. You can see that it has pouches, or flexible pockets of tissue that allow it to accommodate a lot of material and store it until it is convenient to go to the washroom. These same flexible pockets can actually trap matter within them. Imagine trying to squeeze toothpaste thru a tube that isn’t smooth, but has flexible pockets in it. That would be a challenge. But, if your toothpaste tube naturally has pockets in it, would it be better to try to squeeze through a sticky, slimy substance like toothpaste or jello, or a bulkier substance like chunky peanut butter? If our intestines were smooth like a toothpaste tube, then smooth paste would work well. But they aren’t…so what should we eat for the system we are given?

Of course, it would be easier to squeeze a substance like chunky peanut butter through because the chunks grip onto the smoother parts of the material and give it traction. So, it goes with the intestine, and how it gets diseased. If people don’t eat high fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, then by the time the food gets to the large intestine, it is slimy, sticky and hard to move. Our systems weren’t designed for processed, white, low fiber foods. Marble sized or bigger balls of slimey paste are actually stuck in there! Now what do you think would happen if slimey balls of fecal matter hung out in a dark pouch for a while…like months or years? Do you think it would attract pathogens like bacteria, parasites, viruses and yeast? Do you think having a pathogenic pocket of slime in your body is the way to health?

This is the mechanism of intestinal infection which leads to diverticulitis. It is painless at the start, and each year in the USA, 312 000 people,that is more than the entire population of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,  are admitted to hospital accounting for 1.5 million hospital days each year, and $2.6 billion dollars spent. That is approximately 37 times Beyonce’s yearly salary of 56 million dollars! This isn’t money spent on prevention or education, this is money spent on trying to fix a lifetime, or at least a long time, of having slimy, infected fecal matter in someone’s body. By this time there is pain, inflammation and likely surgery, antibiotics and other meds to manage the swelling.

Image result for images of surgery toolsSlimy, infected fecal matter that gets inflamed will leak into the body. Even a pinhole sized puncture in the pouch resulting in a microscopic amount of stuff getting into the blood stream will cause septicemia and sometimes death. The solution once it has gone that far is to remove the infected length of intestine. So, if you remove a part of the body that is responsible for absorbing nutrients, how well do you think you will do, nutritionally after that? Will it be easier or harder for your body to get nourishment? More difficult, right? So, how many people, after surgery, adopt a super high nutrient diet to compensate for the lack of absorptive surface? I am not sure of the answer, but I think it is pretty low.

As a nutritionist, I can help in so many ways. I can help people identify inflammatory stressors for you that might be causing silent problems for your intestine. Next, I can show you how to adopt a high nutrient diet, that actually leaves nutrients for the large intestine, ensuring that all along the way, the tissues are nourished and healthy. I can also offer you the way to have a diet high in anti-inflammatory FOODS, high fiber and high nutritional value. I also educate people to understand that their body is a living system, capable of healing, desiring healing. It is able to heal in the beginning stages of disease, when you don’t necessarily know you have disease, when there isn’t necessarily pain, fever, and raging inflammation. Once the inflammation is advanced, involving multiple organ systems, do you think it is easier or harder to heal compared to when the inflammation is localized to one organ system?

Image result for images of vegetablesLet me help you deal with things while they are manageable. 50% if people over the age of 60 yrs who eat a “western diet” have diverticulitis. This is a condition that is unheard of in populations where people eat higher fiber diets and exercise regularly. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t have to happen at all.




Are You Killing Your Heart?

Image result for pictures of overweight dogsShocking deaths lately in the entertainment world…several beloved people dying of heart related illness. They join the half a million Canadians that died this year of heart disease. Which is more shocking…that is could happen to a certain celebrity, or that it happened half a million times last year? Now I am not a Doctor, and I am not claiming to know exactly what killed these people, but I wanted to shed some light on heart health in general, and how you and I can at least control the PREVENTABLE risks that plague so many of us! Heart disease kills the more Canadians than the entire population of the Northwest Territories each year. This is an epidemic. It is like a 747 plane crashing every 3-4 days! Read on to see what you can do if you are on the plane!


First, the sobering facts about heart disease…

  1. It takes years to develop, and is generally painless as it is developing
  2. 1.6 million Canadians have heart disease (that is more than the entire population of Manitoba)
  3. It is the 2nd leading cause of death (as of 2012)
  4. It killed 48 000 Canadians in 2012
  5. 50% of Canadians think that heart failure can be cured…it can’t
  6. Heart failure costs the Canadian Health Care System $2.8 BILLION dollars per year
  7. 500 000 Canadians are diagnosed with heart failure every year (not including those with heart attack)
  8. 25% of heart attach patients are NOT tested for blood sugar levels or high cholesterol (both of which are factors in having a heart attack in the first place)
  9. The biggest risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, blood sugar problems and being over weight
  10. The biggest impact on heart health comes from incorporating a healthy diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising 150 min/week (adults) and 60 min/day (kids)

So, as saddened as I am about the recent celebrity deaths, we have to learn something from them to make this truly meaningful and let their legacy live on. We need to acknowledge the 2nd largest killer of Canadians has taken countless loved ones from families just like yours and left behind grieving family members who are missing people that they actually knew and loved. Despite the social media claim…2016 is not the problem.

We, as a society and as individuals need to change something in our own lives so that we don’t end up there. Just read the list above again. Look at yourself and your habits. Are you on the road to health or death, because there are only 2 choices. Before you put that food in your mouth, is it going to promote health or death? I am sorry to be so blunt, but we don’t have time to waste. Too many people are on the road to death. The paunchy belly, the acceptance of buying bigger clothes, the drive thru, fast food meals, the lack of exercise…it is everywhere, but that doesn’t make it the way to live…actually the opposite is true, it makes it the way to die.

The sobering fact is that the second largest killer of people is a PREVENTABLE disease…if people would just prevent it that is. Incidentally, the disease that kills more people is cancer, which shares many of the same risk factors as heart disease. We also need to learn from the other 50,000 Canadians, who will die just like those celebrities, of preventable, or largely preventable heart disease alone.

Preventable is not the same as CURABLE. Statistics show that 50% of Canadians believe that heart failure is a curable disease. It is not.

Prevention is the key…

The top ways to PREVENT heart disease and heart failure are the SAME!

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. Stop eating unhealthy fats, sugar and processed foods
  4. Get exercise each day
  5. Maintain a healthy body weight
  6. Manage stress

So, what is YOUR commitment for your health this year, or this week, or TODAY…because everyone has to start somewhere. Are you going for a healthy day, or an unhealthy day? Are you doing a healthy meal or unhealthy meal? Are you feeding your kids in such a way that they become some of the 41 million kids worldwide under the age of 5 that are overweight or obese? That is over 10 times the population of British Columbia in sick kids! These statistics are not even shocking for most people reading this. They still don’t get the impact of these numbers on GLOBAL health. It has to start today, and it has to start with a full commitment to make today better and healthier than yesterday.

But don’t take my word for it, because studies show that if people are TOLD to do something, 80% of the time, they will be stubborn, rebel and ignore the advice…just look at how it is to ask your kids to clean up their rooms! So, I am not telling you to do anything at all. In fact, it is completely your choice weather you change or not. It is completely your choice, but in the end what you choose is what you get, so it is all up to each person. Isn’t that cool? Your health is up to you!! That is a cute phrase, eh? The challenge is to live that phrase. But I am NOT telling you what to do with your one and only life.

I can offer you something that you might find helpful…A free health workshop. Check out my page for scheduled workshops, or book one of your own for you and your co-workers. Just call, just start. If you choose to. In this workshop you will learn some of many tools to help you if you are choosing to be healthier today. If you would choose to lose the drive thru, lose the belly fat, lose the risk factors, I will show you several simple ways to accomplish the life that you want. You are not alone, and I want to help people who want to change, who want to get off the plane! So, if you want to create the life that you want, and not be stuck in the rut that has created the body you woke up in this morning, now you know one thing you can do right now that will start you on the right track. If you want to change the health of the generations you are leaving behind, now you can. If you want to care for your Earth Ship in the most caring way you can, now you know. But don’t do it because I told you to…only because you want to.




Are You Different?

If you are different, if you are a challenge, if you are a different kind of challenge…then you should try BIE.

I had a serious health challenge…in that I went into anaphylactic shock out of the clear blue sky after being stung by a honeybee. And then again in the MD Allergist’s office during my scratch test…and then again after getting a flu shot…all three incidents within a year and a bit. Never been in shock before that…I didn’t even know I had “allergies”. I had never been diagnosed with anything, and seemed perfectly healthy. But underneath, somewhere inside the depths of my immune system, something was brewing. The Medical System had no answers for me. Just don’t get stung…they said…you have about 4 minutes to live…they said. Hmmmm…. I said…what else can I do??

So, I found BIE, went to another practitioner for help. She “helped” me, rather…BIE helped me. And I loved it so much that I became a BIE practitioner also. But there was always that lurking question…”but, have you ever been stung since that?”…and I hadn’t. Until now…

This summer…I GOT STUNG…OH…NOOOOOOO!!!!! My husband ran to go get my epipen. The paramedics ran over, the fire chief ran over, I had LOTS of people surrounding me…waiting for me to crash. The crash never happened. A reaction…didn’t happen. I didn’t swell, the sting didn’t itch, there was no visible reaction at all.

When I got stung, I had a feeling that everything would be ok. I remember the panic, the anxiety and the fear. I will still carry my epipen, and I won’t be kicking over any wasp nests to test it out, but I feel a lot more confident to go outside now and I feel a lot of confidence in BIE. BIE helped me when nothing else could. It shifted things on a level that nothing else could.

I know that it wasn’t a honeybee that stung me this summer…it was a yellow jacket, like in the picture. But, their venom is so similar that I would have reacted the same. The scratch test at the MD Allergist revealed that…I was severely allergic to all 5 of the stinging insects he tested me for. Now my immune system is calmer, more in balance and able to withstand a stressor without going berzerk! That feels good.


What Does Putin Have to Do With Cholesterol?

Description Vladimir Putin-6.jpg
Hey Comrade…Read this Blog…I am Featured in it and I like that!

Do you want to impress your buddies with some new banter around the water cooler? Are you tired of discussing the latest politics, plebiscites and parties? Well, fasten your seat belts because here are the top 5 facts about HEART DISEASE that I learned from watching Dr Jay’s webinar.



1. Cholesterol is a natural substance that is necessary for the production and maintenance of healthy cell membranes, hormones (like testosterone, cortisol and estrogen…you like your sex hormones, right?), and brain cells (which are very important to most people). No matter what you think of your co-worker’s intelligence, even his brain is mostly fat. So here is how you can prove you are smarter than him…give him a multiple choice test…

Hey, Bob, here is a quiz for you…

If the Pope, Barak Obama and Vladamir Putin walk into a bar…what is the fat content of Putin’s brain?

a) 10%

b) 60%

c) 100%

d) 0% Putin’s brain is made of something else

The correct answer is 60%…everyone’s brain is give or take 60% fat, and cholesterol necessary to each one!

2. Cholesterol becomes STICKY when it is oxidized…big word for what happens when a good guy turns to the dark side and joins Darth and the artery plugging StromTroopers as they invade your rebel base! So, in this scenario, who are the under represented, but oh so powerful Rebel Alliance? That is correct…ANTIOXIDANTS…found in veggies and fruits…and by the way, the Rebel Alliance is outnumbered and Darth and the boys are taking command of the galaxy

The Death Star is Fully Operational!!


3. Half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. Total cholesterol is one of 250 known risk factors for heart disease, and the over reliance on total cholesterol has resulted in 56 million Americans being prescribed statin drugs…which have known and adverse side effects…think of another disease that starts with C…think of blocking the very pathway that makes sex hormones…think of blocking an enzyme that is necessary for muscle growth and function…the heart is a muscle…oh no…did your brain just explode?

This one’s a goner!


4. The heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood every day! That is the equivalent of the amount of gas you would use driving a Lexus from Vancouver to Moscow and back 8 times!

This is in Moscow…drive your Lexus there and see it for yourself!

5. Certain nutritional deficiencies contribute to the development of heart disease. These deficiencies can be caused by our higher stress modern lifestyle, air pollution, diet pop consumption (which puts you at a 61% increased risk for cardiovascular diseases)…high sugar modern diet, highly processed food modern diet, and a diet that contains a lot of highly processed sugar…hmmm…aren’t these the same risk factors for a bunch of bad diseases?

How would you like to know how cholesterol is linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia? Stay tuned for another blog…

The good news is that if you are looking for a natural way to defeat the Empire and kick Darth’s butt, you need to get control of the inflammation in your body…inflammation is like Darth’s red light saber…zing…zing…zing…if you are under attack, your cholesterol (Storm Trooper) levels will be sky high!

You need to learn the ways of the Jedi, use the Force…or maybe it is easier to just lose the excess junk in the trunk, exercise, laugh more, eat a whole shwak of veggies every day and super charge yourself with the right supplements. Specifically, if people ate an apple every day, 8500 people could avoid a stroke or heart attack. That is a lot of apples…lets see…365 apples per year for 8500 people…that is over 3 million apples, so I assume that would be good news for apple growers aswell…and just to put it in context, that is the same number of strokes that prescription statins are said to prevent, except that the apple growers don’t see a dime of those sales. Fight Darth with Apples!!


You found my weakness!! APPLES!!!!

Delicious Ideas for Fall Apples


Words of Wisdome…Stay away from Poutine (and Putin….) Eating a gillion grams of fat doesn’t make your brain larger…

There are also several supplements that you should use to extend your longevity, increase your vitality and energy, even if you do choose to take statins. If you know someone who could benefit from increased health, share this blog post with them PLEASE! I can help get them to their goal!


Business is Like Running

As you know, I have returned to running after a 6 year absence. Yes, it has been 6 years since I ran my last 10 km race, and in a few weeks, I am going to do it again. I was 34 last time…40 now… I am so excited and I am ready to go and just have fun. I started back running on June 1, 2014. Here is my top 3 ways that running a business is like actually running…

1. There are ups and downs….and not in equal proportions…Some of my running routes are amazing. I always run in a loop from my house and on some of the routes it is uphill almost the entire way! This is true of how it feels in business. It feels as if you go uphill and work so hard most of the time, and enjoy a little thrill of downhill adrenaline periodically at best. For my business, I am not covered by MSP or extended health, so I am constantly trying to find ways to make myself affordable, while still maintaining a profit. Then there are the armchair nutrition experts who give advice and suggestions even though they do not have an education in nutrition….but we buy Flintstones kids vitamins and OUR kids are FINE!! Well, there is just no converting some people to quality products…or one of my favorites…I have a nutrition question, but I don’t want to hear an answer from anyone who sells vitamins. Wow…do you know how much effort, time and education goes into developing your own business? If I put that much time into running, I would be training for an ultra marathon! The cashier at the big box store has ZERO interest in your health and honestly could care less if you are happy, healthy, absorbing your nutrients or achieving your optimal health goals. Her job is not dependent on your satisfaction, unlike me, in business for myself. I honestly do care about each of my clients and I want the best for you. But, even still, people continue to purchase inferior quality products with no skepticism of the big box, whereas an honest, hardworking business person is someone to be feared. Hmm…

2. The thrill is in the chase. When I see another runner, I try hard to catch them. I want to beat that person and prove myself. Not that I have a huge ego…I just enjoy pushing my body to its limit. I know I will recover, I know I can lean on my health. I like having someone to chase. The same goes for the person running behind me…I want to go faster than them. I want to keep them behind me far enough that I can no longer hear them panting. Running can be monotonous, so playing little games like this helps the time pass. Same in business. I love thinking of new ideas. I think about my business all day long, sometimes developing many ideas each day. I act on some, talk to others, bounce ideas around to other business people. It is so fun and keeps my mind active and busy. I love my field, I love learning about the current issues, research and products in nutrition. I love learning about healthcare, growing food and health in the context of modern living. Both running and business keep my mind active and interesting!

3. If it isn’t a challenge, don’t do it! Business is one of the biggest challenges! I was not brought up in a business family. My parents and family members all had government jobs with nice pensions and benefits. My parents dreamed that I would become a police officer or a teacher. Well, since I don’t enjoy kicking ass on the beat, nor did I enjoy being a classroom teacher enough to do it for 30 years, I went into business for myself so that I could run the show, and kick ass with my own goals and dreams. Running was a challenge too. 6 years of not running, and then June 1st I decided to get going. There was a lot stacked against me…lack of time, commitment to a new routine, my dislike of pain…and sweat. But I decided that my health was more important than my dislike of anything. That I loved myself more than I disliked anything, and that love was stronger than excuses. No time? No problem…put the baby in the jogger and put the kids on their bikes and go around the local track a couple of times. Commit to a new routine? No problem…even when we were camping, I was out running. I loved the results I was getting and I loved doing something healthy for ME…ME TIME…and my family supported me 1000%. Sweat? Pain? Now I love it. I love feeling the fat melt off. I love having to buy new clothes because my old ones are too BIG!!! Pushing through the challenges and giving up excuses in running and in business are the only ways to make it work. To be successful in business, you have to enjoy pain, sweat, commitment and new routines. You have to give up the excuses and just make things work. You have to shine when it is raining and thrive when it is time to reap the rewards. That is what I am going to be thinking on that 10 K run…time to thrive! I am 40 and in some of the best shape of my life!


In health,



You vs The Common Cold

That is the title match this fall and winter…how many times will you get sick. It starts when the kids pick up something and bring home their runny nose and sore throat. Or when you are sitting on the Skytrain beside someone who smells like Vicks Vap-O-Rub and has tissues stuffed in their sleeves…that’s it…you know you are going to get it eventually…

How Would It Feel to sail through winter without a cold? Impossible, right? If you are convinced of that, then stop reading this and go to the store and stock up on your favourite Over The Counter Remedy…

If you believe that you can BOOST your immune system and provide your body with the necessary nourishment to be strong,  vital and be able to stay healthy in the face of a viral onslaught, then I want to talk to you!!

How would it feel to have the right nutritional products in your cupboard. Here’s an idea, you can clear out your over the counter meds and make room for some natural, healing, nourishing supplements.

My family is living proof. I have 4 kids in school, in rec centre programs, swimming lessons, and a business in which I see a variety of people face to face each day. We don’t live in a bubble. I have not been sick in so long that I actually can’t remember my last cold. I am thinking that the year may have started in 19…

My kids, they get the odd sniffle or sore throat, but they are done in a couple of days. No sick time away from school…no diarrhea attacks. I have to confess, we had a croupy cough that just made the rounds last week…two of the four got it, and I think they coughed 5-10 times, and it was done. I used to think my eldest daughter would be destined to get croup every year. She used to get it so bad that it would set in in October/November every year for weeks. I would take her outside to breath the cooler air, I would put her in the steamy bathroom…nothing helped for long. I though…well, I have fall to summer chest congestion, so she does too. Oh well…but she hasn’t gotten her cough back in the last 2 years… and my second son was prescribed an inhaler (!) and nebulizer in 2010. He used it twice. I changed their diets, worked with their mold and dust and food  intolerances and make sure they take their supplements each day. No more cough, no more anxiety, no more mommy-guilt.

If you are looking for a nutritional breakthrough, then we need to talk. Come and see me and let me help you have a different experience this winter.



Drug-Free Treatments for Allergies

Allergies are EVERYWHERE! I can see it, can you? People sniffling, sneezing, itching, coughing, rashes, mucous, infections and more! Many, many people are out there suffering, and they may be unaware that allergies are underlying their discomfort!

Allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities that are left untreated can lead to joint pain, skin reactions, re-current infections, bladder infections, toenail fungus, foggy head, acne and even memory loss and bladder issues! Wouldn’t you like to know about and deal with your intolerances with effective, natural methods?

Well, Vancouver Allergy can help you! We offer BioEnergetics, which is a state of the art modality that naturally rebalances the body and results in reduced reactivity. We also support your healing with herbal and nutritional products selected especially for you with our Zyto Elite testing system. Plus, you can add on a Detox Foot Spa to your appointment, which cleanses your body of impurities and results in a calm, relaxed feeling. We listen and work with your body, not against it. These modalities are gentle, yet effective.

Appointments for BIE are $85 per session, Detox Foot Spas are $55. For the month of October, you can add on a detox foot spa onto your BIE session for only $35…that is a $20 savings! Gift Certificates are also available for that hard to buy for person!

Book your appointments today at 604-929-6887 and Get Your Life Back!!


How Do You Fit 68 Meals Into 1 Box?

Funny Fat People - Funny Fat People 016 (

Stop Pants Abuse!

So, how do you fit 68 meals into one box, plus make them yummy, nutritious, filling, gluten-free, kid-friendly, fast and convenient, and able to be served hot or cold?

Well, Isagenix has the answer. For millions of people who want to make a healthier choice, to take a healthier path, to make baby-steps, or go the full-nine…Isagenix.

Isagenix is a health and wellness company that is changing the way the way you nourish yourself and your family in this busy, processed-food laden world. You don’t have to eat crap, just because it is on every corner! Grab a shake or a bar and a salad or green-drink to go along with it. You will feel more energy and shed some unwanted pounds.

The decision to look after yourself now, while you have the time, is like a good financial investment. You invest a little each month, push your comfort zone perhaps, but you stick to it for the next few years, and you will have something to show for it. Same goes for health. Invest some time, energy and desire now, and it will pay off with strength, lean muscle, time and longevity. If you take care of yourself now, imagine how you will enjoy your life, rather than spending the last 10 years of it sick and on the specialist’s waiting list.

Make that call today and let me get you started on the path to Get Your Life Back!


Back to School Supplements

YAY! It’s official…back to school is happening! So, now you need to label the school supplies and make sure the lunch kit is packed.

But what about their performance in school? Have you ever wondered if your child has sensitivities to wheat, sugar, food coloring, corn, dairy or other foods? What about dust and mold…schools are normally not the cleanest places…

Would you be interested in boosting your child’s immune system so they are less likely to get a cold…we all know that is coming once the herd gets back together…and then the parents get it and have to take time off work to recover!

Have you ever thought your child might benefit from some Omega-3 supplementation, or extra minerals, zinc to make them think, or iron or calcium? How about probiotics? You probably know that your family needs something…just not sure where to start. We work with all budgets and meet you where you are at. If you want one thing or a whole bunch of things, we welcome you to Vancouver Allergy.

How about trying a nutritious and quick protein shake for breakfast on the go. On busy school mornings, nutritionally poor cereal is the breakfast of choice, leaving the brain starved for nutrition. Come by and pick up some yummy shakes for your family and nourish those brains and bodies!!

At Vancouver Allergy we will answer all of your questions pertaining to nutrition, sensitivities and supplements. We offer BioEnergetics to desensitize dust, mold and food intolerances so that the body doesn’t react, and furthermore, so that the body’s immune system doesn’t waste its energy fighting off harmless things like dust, leaving it vulnerable to attack from viruses. We offer quality supplements to support the body nutritionally, and have the tools to figure out exactly what each person needs to help them most effectively.

All of this for $85 per session BIE or $50 a Zyto scan for intolerances and appropriate supplements.

You may also purchase supplements directly from our office without a scan. Walk-Ins are welcomed!!

We hope to see you soon!!


Stress is a six letter word!

Everyone experiences physical and emotional upset and STRESS is actually the body’s response to that. Stress is the response, not the stimulus. The thoughts of having overdue bills or being around unplesant people cause reactivity, or stress, in the body and mind. It is of utmost importance to listen, interpret, and focus on this stress and learn how to calm it down by addressing the stressors.

Even as I write this post, my body is reacting to the stressors around me…there is a garbage truck backing up down the alley outside my window…beeping and engine noise are causing me to react with feelings of overwhelm and annoyance. The smell of its diesel exhaust are causing me to physically react with a slight headache and nasal congestion. The noise and exhaust are the stressors,  my feelings, headache and congestion are the stress.

Did you know that researchers estimate that stress contributes to 80% of all major illnesses, including cancer, depression, high cholesterol, skin disorders, and even back problems? Our bodies and minds are trying to tell us what is bothering us…we just have to recognize the symptoms as being communication. If you shut down the communication with drugs or ignore it completely, without addressing the stressor, then the stress goes deeper. What was a skin problem last year, in time will develop into digestive or respiratory stress. High cholesterol is one example of stress when the body is under fungal attack, or there is emotional stressors, toxins such as heavy metals, and nutritional stressors. These stressors cause the body to react with inflammation and cholesterol release. If it is ignored, then worse problems occur, like heart attack or stroke. Allergies are stress reactions too. They are the result of the body being faced with pollen, pet dander or other substances that are reacting in the airways, digestive system or skin.

So, hopefully you now have an understanding of stressor and stress. Stress is the body pushing back or trying to maintain balance when faced with a stressor.

What I do, at Vancouver Allergy is provide a way to reveal a person’s stressors. You may be unaware that birch pollen, ragweed pollen or air pollution are causing your body to react with hayfever or cholesterol production. I then use electro-acupuncture, nutrition and herbal remedies to help the body cope with the stress and maintain balance. If you provide the body with the tools it needs to maintain balance, then it won’t have to react in other ways. Using hayfever as an example, if you use electro-acupuncture, antioxidants and perhaps another appropriate nutritional supplement, the body will rebalance and the excessive mucous, itchy eyes and itchy throat and other stress responses will subside.

Try it out next time you are wondering how what is causing stress in your body and mind!

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