Back to School Supplements

YAY! It’s official…back to school is happening! So, now you need to label the school supplies and make sure the lunch kit is packed.

But what about their performance in school? Have you ever wondered if your child has sensitivities to wheat, sugar, food coloring, corn, dairy or other foods? What about dust and mold…schools are normally not the cleanest places…

Would you be interested in boosting your child’s immune system so they are less likely to get a cold…we all know that is coming once the herd gets back together…and then the parents get it and have to take time off work to recover!

Have you ever thought your child might benefit from some Omega-3 supplementation, or extra minerals, zinc to make them think, or iron or calcium? How about probiotics? You probably know that your family needs something…just not sure where to start. We work with all budgets and meet you where you are at. If you want one thing or a whole bunch of things, we welcome you to Vancouver Allergy.

How about trying a nutritious and quick protein shake for breakfast on the go. On busy school mornings, nutritionally poor cereal is the breakfast of choice, leaving the brain starved for nutrition. Come by and pick up some yummy shakes for your family and nourish those brains and bodies!!

At Vancouver Allergy we will answer all of your questions pertaining to nutrition, sensitivities and supplements. We offer BioEnergetics to desensitize dust, mold and food intolerances so that the body doesn’t react, and furthermore, so that the body’s immune system doesn’t waste its energy fighting off harmless things like dust, leaving it vulnerable to attack from viruses. We offer quality supplements to support the body nutritionally, and have the tools to figure out exactly what each person needs to help them most effectively.

All of this for $85 per session BIE or $50 a Zyto scan for intolerances and appropriate supplements.

You may also purchase supplements directly from our office without a scan. Walk-Ins are welcomed!!

We hope to see you soon!!


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