What is BIE (BioEnergetics)?

Get Relief from Pollen Sensitivities Now!

It is one of the many services here at Heel that bring about more balance and less inflammation. I call it the electronic anti-histamine, or the electronic anti-inflammatory. I use it for pollen, pet, food and other sensitivities. It frees people from dependence on pills, shots, and expensive tests.

Bioenergetic pathways, known as meridians, allow energetic signals to flow continuously through and around the body. It is through these bioenergetic meridians that the brain and nervous system receive information about the state and functioning of the body as a whole. Modern electro magnetic imaging technology has confirmed the presence of these pathways. When blockages occur within these pathways, the body is unable to recognize stressors. This results in homeostatic imbalance.

Heel is your home for BIE (BioEnergetics).  It is one of the many services I offer. The first appointment includes non-invasive testing, assessment and treatment. Follow-ups can be added to any other service for a reduced charge and time allotment.

Try it for yourself for your next seasonal allergy issue, food or pet reaction.

What can I expect?

  • Increased tolerance to foods and environmental substances

  • Improved immune system functioning

  • Natural release from unpleasant stressor reactions

  • Enjoyment of a less restricted lifestyle

  • Living healthier and happier

Heel is for  everyone who is interested in a natural approach that will give you the FREEDOM to feel calmer, less stressed, less reactive, to eat the foods you wish and be around substances that used to bother you.

Even babies can experience severe homeostatic imbalances due to multiple food and environmental sensitivities. A rebalanced body is healthier, happier and less reactive.

What is Foot Reflexology?

More than a foot rub! Foot reflexology improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and turns off the stress response. I work with the pressure points in the feet to down regulate the congested, tight, stressed organs of the body. Through these pressure points, I stimulate the nerves that connect to the brain, liver, stomach and more, to relieve stress and improve cellular health.

What is the Detox Foot Bath?

The detox foot bath from Platinum Energy Systems removes acids and  toxins associated with inflammation from the body. These include heavy metals such as lead, iron and chromium. Everybody can benefit from this service. Athletes have improved recovery and less pain. Most people enjoy better sleep, feel deep relaxation, have fewer pains, headaches, sinus congestion, bloating and the like with regular foot spa treatments.