More Than Just A Stool Softener!

Fibre…is a wonderful substance. Technically, it is a group of indigestible carbohydrates found in plants, animals and synthetic sources. People usually associate fibre with easier bowel movements, which it does provide, but there are many other benefits of eating a diet rich in fibre that you may not know about…so here are some!

1. Lowering Serum Cholesterol: fibres from beans, lentils, and oats decrease total serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Supplementing with pectin, guar gum or psyllium has also been found to have similar beneficial effects. If you are interested in supplementation, try Natures Sunshine Locolo.

2. Weight Control: Dietary fibre helps you feel full. Supplementing 15 min or so before a meal helps you feel fuller, so you eat less at meal time. Fibre also helps to regulate your blood sugar and helps control cravings. Studies show that people with higher fibre intake are leaner and less likely to be obese that those with low-fibre intakes. Try Natures Sunshine Fat Grabbers.

3. Detox the Colon: Fibre helps scour out the colon, more specifically the plugged out-pouchings in the colon where nasty, fecal matter gets stuck. Fibre acts like a brush and helps clean out that stuff. Do you know that people have on average 10 pounds of fecal matter that is stuck in their colon? Think of that…10 pounds! That is like a carrying around a large watermelon 24 hours per day. Getting rid of that amount of weight in stuck poop can only be a good thing, right? Think of how your body might function differently if you added some more fibre to your day! Try Nature’s Sunshine Psyllium Hulls.

4. Colorectal Cancer: The “scientific” data is not conclusive on weather fibre can help protect against colorectal cancer. There are undoubtedly many factors that put someone at risk for cancer, so just adding fibre has not been “proven” to be protective. However, in the context of other lifestyle and dietary factors, like reducing harmful fats, drinking plenty of water, eating lots of raw foods, cutting out processed foods, reducing meat consumption, reducing alcohol consumption and exercising…to name a few, adding a good amount of dietary fibre to clean out the colon just makes common sense.

5. Diverticular Disease: High fibre diets are associated with a lower risk of diverticulosis! That is a condition in which pouches form in your intestine that are filled with inflammatory stuck poop. Although most people with diverticulosis experience no symptoms, some people develop pain or inflammation in their abdomen and are diagnosed with diverticulitis. With or without symptoms, the point is that increasing fibre is one thing you can do to decrease the development of these poop-pouches. In a large study, men with the highest dietary fibre intakes had a risk of developing symptomatic diverticular disease that was 42% lower than men with the lowest dietary fibre intakes. This was particularly the case for plant fibres known as cellulose.

Ok, so how do you go about increasing your dietary fibre? The answer is…slowly! Some people can experience adverse symptoms like cramping, bloating or gas when they increase their dietary fibre. So, go slow and be sure to drink large amouts of water…at least 60 ounces per day for most people. If you have any impaired intestinal motility or your doctor has advised against a high fibre diet, for whatever reason…then your doctor should always be contacted first. For some people, increasing fibre can interfere with prescription drug absorption. If your Doctor gives you the green light, always take your fibre supplements at least 1 hour before your prescription, or 2 hours after.

How Much Fibre Do I Need? The US guidelines are for total fibre and you are looking at about 40 grams per day for men and 25 grams per day for women 50 years of age and younger. Over 50 years of age the recommendation is 30 grams per day for men, and 21 grams per day for women.

Foods that are rich in fibre include fruits, veggies and whole grains…and the ever popular prunes!

As always, your business is appreciated. Orders for supplements, and appointment times can be arranged by phone or email.


5 Ways To Rock Menopause

We have all heard the stories…horror stories, really…sleeplessness, irritability, sweating, hot flashes and umm…dryness! So, that is probably nuf said on that…

I for one want all women and all the men and all the teenaged kids who have to put up with us, to know that help is available to help with this oh so lovely transition. It can be smooth or rough…you choose…I want to create a revolution! I want all of us in our 30’s and 40’s to be THE generation to RE-FIRE in a good way at menopause and sail through with energy, vibrancy and in top health. I don’t want menopause to ruin my perfectly good day!

Get set BEFORE the inevitable occurs…start priming that body with stress reducing techniques, nourishing food, clean water and daily happiness. And after you do all of that, consider adding some herbal and nutritional supplements that help you cope with your unique menopause. No two women go through it the same way. What you need is a unique approach…these may be part of your plan…

1. Natures Sunshine Wild Yam and Chaste Tree: helps balance hormone production…helps with…ummm…dryness

2. Coenzyme Q10: to support liver, adrenals, heart and other important things…like brain function.

3. Evening Primrose Oil (or similar essential fatty acids): anti-inflammatory and help to regulate hot flashes…as in…put out the fire!

4. SynerPro: from Natures Sunshine. 30 grams per day helps with relief of hot flashes, protects against heart disease and osteoporosis.

5. Vitamin B Complex: Natures Sunshine has a couple of good ones…one called SynerPro, also contains plant essences such as broccoli etc that add extra nourishment…phytonutrients!!

And there are many others….check with your friendly, local, caring and knowledgeable professional to help you get this all figured before you wake up in a puddle of sweat. So come on gals! Let’s make menopause a time of POWER, GRACE, ACCEPTANCE AND HAPPINESS! A reflection of YOU!


7 Things You Should Have To Out Run the Grim Reaper!

Longevity is life long health, and wellness. It is what we all strive for. I don’t know about you but since I turned 40 and I realize that half my life is most likely gone, and more that half of my healthy-life is most likely gone, it is time to get serious about refueling and super charging this bod for the next few decades when my physical and mental health will be challenged the most.

People spend on average of the last 10 years of their life fighting debilitating disease. If you don’t build and overabundance of resources and stockpiles of health in your body now, you won’t have the juice to fight off illness…and Damn! Don’t you want to be a sexy granny or gramps?  Don’t you want to be attractive to that stubborn old goat that you are spending the rest of your life with? Healthy people take their wellness with the hours of a part time job and the hopes of a great investment. They put the hours and money in now, and hope to reap the harvest in the future when they are skateboarding down the halls of the old folks home.

Our food supply, environment, water and air are stressing our bodies and minds and all that pollution out there causes us to REQUIRE more nutrition than ever before. So, would you like fries with that? How about a double-double to blow your blood sugar of the charts. Just because it fits in your mouth, doesn’t make it food…

But fear not…I have found some great supplements for you to try. For about the same price as fries and a double-double, you could have health-health…so nice, I typed it twice!!

1. Ageless Essentials with Product B: From Isagenix. $140 for 30 day supply. This box of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega-3 and PRODUCT B is a no brainer for everyone and a effective way to buy health insurance. Product B is formulated by the only scientist on the planet who researches telomeres, which for all of you nerds out there, telomeres are segments of DNA that determine your biological age. When the telomeres shorten too much, well, you die…so why wouldn’t you want to take a supplement that prevents that from happening?  $140 per month is less than $5 per day,  is less than what you and a zillion other people spent on coffee and a muffin!

2. Cats Claw Combination: from Natures Sunshine $30 per month: This supplement is amazing at cleaning your lymphatics…what is that you ask? Your lymph is the garbage dump of the blood, and it also carries fat…so guess what gets plugged when you eat too much of the wrong kind of the kind in those fries…your lymph…guess what is trying to dispose of cancer cells and other crap that is in your body…your lymph…so now that you understand how absolutely fundamental it is to have clean lymph, you should probably try to do something for yourself.

3. IsaLean Shakes from Isagenix: $30 per month: These great tasting shakes have a whole bunch of health benefits. One significant one is maintenance and growth of lean muscle as we age. I like that idea! I want to maintain healthy muscle…like my heart…for as long as I can.

4. Rejuvity Skin Care: From Isagenix: These products are scientifically formulated to give you great skin, from the outside. I love manatees as much as the next person, but I don’t want to look like one. Rejuvity is super charged with nutrition for your skin. It is the  complete system of skin care. I know I have wrinkles already, but why should I have a raison for a face before I absolutely have to?

5. Vitamin D3 from Natures Sunshine…$20 per month: most of us, especially here in the tropical PNW are deficient…downright depleted. And yet, vitamin D is necessary to many of our chemical reactions in our body. So get some.

6. Brain Boost From Isagenix: This supercharged bottle of goodness provides your brain with the necessary plant based nutrients it needs to stop decomposing in your skull. Did you know that after the age of 25, people’s brains shrink and start breaking down? Starting with the parts of the brain responsible for memory, movement and coordination? Oh great! Now, we all have things in our past that we would rather not remember, but the names of your loved ones aren’t (hopefully) in that category.

7. Cure-Q-min from Natures Sunshine. An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and all around great food-based supplement that does lots of good for you, quenches inflammation and fights illness.

Stay healthy…keep what you’ve got, or at least fight for what you have in the time you have left! These products, added to a healthy diet of abundant raw fruits and veggies, lean meats and other nutritious foods and pure, clean water, are your best partners for moving forward in health! Of course you also need to reduce stress, spend more time with your cat and have ample tropical vacations…stress kills! I would be less stressed and able to bring you more blogs if you thought of me for your supplements and let me help you get what you need! Give me a shout and any or all of these lovely products could be yours!


Croup…Makes You Droop!

Croup…not fun…that wheezy,  hoarse, barking cough that sounds like a seal or a dog. It is caused by a viral infection in the larynx or trachea which causes it to narrow due to the swelling. The larynx goes into spasms and the person has difficulty breathing. Anyways, you end up with a bunch of inflammation, narrowing of the airways, pain and shortness of breath…and freaked out parents.

Did you know that croup is most common in kids and babies? Many hundreds of thousands of them each year. As any parent knows, it usually strikes at night. Oh joy.

Interesting factoid…it is often caused by the measles virus, and runs its course in 5-6 days.

So, what can you do for croup?

1. Diet: Eat an abundance of fresh, raw, veggies and fruits…pureed, juiced, etc…but ones that contain high quality vitamins and minerals.

2. Vitamin C: helps control infection and fever by boosting immune system.

3. Zinc: promotes immune function, is necessary for healing

4. Vitamin A or Cod Liver Oil: needed for healing mucous membranes

5. Vitamin E: destroys free radicals and carries oxygen to cells

And others!! Talk to your knowledgeable practitioner! Don’t let croup in your coop!!




5 Magical Remedies for Gas!

Yes, I say magical because that what everyone who is currently around you will say when they can breathe easier! MAGIC!!!

If you or someone you know…or your…um…friend…has bad gas, they might be in denial. Who? ME?? No…that was the dog! or the baby…or I think a garbage truck just drove by…or wasn’t that you??

But you should tell your friend or your dog…that having bad gas is a sign of something going wrong in that fermentation chamber they call a gut. For some reason, pathogenic yeast or parasites are fermenting the leftovers of digestion and producing smells that you would rather not smell.

So, here is a list of 5 Magical Remedies for Gas. But, to make your decision, be sure to ask your…dog…to contact a knowledgeable practitioner (ME!!)…

1. Natures Sunshine Yeast and Fungal Detox– gets rid of the little buggers…but you have to modify your diet too if you want the changes to last

2. NSP Candida Clear – this is the big boy! This is the industrial package that will help clean your gut so well that you won’t even recognize your own stench!

3. NSP Probiotic-11 – So, as you are killing the bad guys that make nasty in your gut, re-populate with some nice little soldiers that will keep the little stinkers at bay.

4. NSP – Artemesia Combination – Kills parasitic worms, flukes, and other crazy-making methane bombers from your whole smelly body…

5. NSP Digestive Enzymes – Little wonder pills that help to digest your food for you, because most of us are enzyme deficient, so that barely chewed, half digested food burger that you just scarfed as you were talking to your buddies and swilling beer…isn’t leftover in your rectum. Either you get the nutrients out of your food, or the yeast will vaporize it for you!

There are many more too!!

So, let me leave you with a parting thought…if you or someone who you want to sit on the couch with has this problem, they need help. Actually, you also need help, because without help you will lead a lonely life. Alone without your gassy friends, or a life of rejection because you ARE the stinky one. So if you stink, or if someone you know stinks, get help. Call Butts Anonymous, or Vancouver Allergy and get the support you need!

This has been a public service announcement.



Natural Remedies that Work!

Have you heard people coughing these days? People knocked out by viruses?  in bed sick? In the sunny summer weather people are being brought down by sickness! What is up with that?

Then your neighbor or friend offers good hearted advice of what worked for them or their friend or their auntie…drink lemon tea, go to dr so and so, get a chest xray, take probiotics, rub Vicks Vap-o-rub into your feet…well, that is a lot of information and where do you start? I would start at Vancouver Allergy…even if I didn’t own the company, that is where I would start. I built this company as the place to start, the place to help and the place to leave when you are better. I built it on intention, using the finest energy medicine modalities, the herbal and nutritional remedies that bring about natural healing. It is my company, it healed me, it healed my family and continues to heal us when things go wrong…it has healed hundreds of clients, and it can heal you.

Maybe it is a virus, perhaps it is acid reflux, maybe an allergy…there are many plausible explanations. How much time do you want to spend exploring them?

Did you know that the majority of sicknesses come from an overload of toxins and inadequate nutrition? By inadequate, I mean just not the right things right now.

Perhaps you do have acid reflux..there is a nutritional and herbal remedy for that that works with the underlying causes. Tecta or other pharmaceuticals might “work”, but they leave you vulnerable to side effects and they don’t address the reason why this imbalance existed in the first place…it is most likely due to a nutritional reason.

Are you affected by a virus? That is a definite possibility. But how and why are you vulnerable to viral attack? It is most likely a nutritional reason and or overload of toxins. If you fall to a virus in the middle of summer, then, how is your winter looking? This is a sign that you need something nutritionally and maybe to detoxify…to give your body a fighting chance against the viruses that are everywhere. It makes sense that if your body isn’t fighting off a food that you are eating everyday, then it has more resources to allocate to fighting off the real enemies, viruses and bacteria. Imagine if your body is reacting to something common like, olive oil or salt or pepper, and you eat these things daily as part of a healthy diet. Your body won’t have adequate resources to fight the real problem…a virus…and you get sick.

Maybe your hacking cough is due to an allergy. It is common to react to air pollution, gasoline or diesel exhaust, pollen (especially ragweed in the fall), house dust and foods. Even full moon, lunar and solar cycles, condensation in the air, pressure changes, and humidity cause the body to react. When you react to something you can’t get away from, you need to fix that problem from the inside out, lower the threshold of reactivity and thus help your body to not react. It is possible, and it is a common thing to achieve. I see it every time I go to work. People used to react, and now they don’t. I desensitize the body to these stressor substances. So why not try it? Try a natural modality at Vancouver Allergy and heal yourself naturally.

My reason for telling you all of this is to suggest that you try a natural remedy first. And by that, I mean, not running to the health food store to ask the employee what they recommend. I have done that. I spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of stuff that has no effect on my symptoms and I become frustrated at natural remedies and still end up in the doctor’s office getting a prescription. What I am suggesting is come to someone like me, who’s business and livelihood is at stake. I have the experience and the technology to guide me and you to the right remedies, the right foods to avoid, the pollens that are reacting for you and to detoxify your body.

Don’t be sick. I believe that we are all here on Earth to live the healthiest life possible. If you have something that is giving you trouble, then let’s figure out why and how you are reacting and solve it organically using supplements that are as close to the earth as possible and natural modalities that heal in as little as 1-3 sessions. Living a healthier life is within your grasp. For kids and adults, babies and grandparents. Live the best life you can, the longest life you can in the healthiest body, the cleanest most nourished body you can.


Calling all Women! and Men Who Love Them!

best friendsThis is a call to action for all women. It is time to empower our health and get healthy. Nobody else is going to do it for us…we have to take control and get into a healthier routine for LIFE! Let’s get FIRED UP Ladies!!

According to this month’s Nutrition Action Newsletter, 1 in 9 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer…that is 24, 400 in 2014 alone. 5000 of us will die of breast cancer in 2014. If that doesn’t shock you then read on…breast cancer is the number one cancer killer of women, followed a distant second by lung cancer. Lung cancer has well known risk factors…not so of breast cancer, which is striking women of all ages, races, socioeconomic status and across all other boundaries.

We all know someone who has fought or died of this dreaded disease. I know several women within 10 years of my age…some older, some younger, who have DIED!!! leaving young kids without their mom. This is an epidemic among women and a women’s issue that is decimating our friends and family.

Walter Willet from Harvard University says that we know how to protect women from breast cancer and these center on diet and lifestyle. To summarize, diet…get rid of the carbs and completely ditch sugar. Insulin, which is a perfectly natural hormone, is secreted in response to sugar and causes our cells to store sugar for later use. The problem is, that later never comes, and we end up with our cells bursting with excess fuel stores. The other problem is that insulin also feeds breast cancer cells and causes them to proliferate and grow.

Another risk factor is body fat. I know, touchy subject, and no women in her right mind wants to be reminded of that muffin top…but excess body fat, even 10 pounds, is a known risk factor for breast cancer. Body fat makes estrogen…again, a perfectly natural hormone, but in the quantities that we are exposed to from body fat, many women are “estrogen dominant” and estrogen FEEDS breast cancer. This is one reason that men are also getting “hormone-dependent” cancer…their body fat also secretes estrogen (hence the man boobs) and estrogen feeds cancer.

The third and last risk factor that I wanted to tell you about from this latest research from Harvard University is xeno-estrogens. These estrogen-like chemicals in the environment are found in all of our body fat and again, estrogen-like substances also feed breast cancer. You increase your exposure from plastics…water bottles, plastic lined cans, plastic lined coffee cups…toxic, toxic, toxic.

If you want to get serious about cleansing out those toxins and getting off the carbs, then you NEED to see me. I am serious. I have been on Isagenix for 6 months now, and have lost 30 pounds of weight. I am running again, I am doing a 10K (the first one in 6 years) in November, and I feel 10 years younger. The foundation of Isagenix is cleansing and nourishment. My business model is clear. Empower people to get healthy…NOW… I share many things with  women and men and share the tools to get healthy, stay healthy and if they want, earn a residual income with Isagenix so they can enjoy their family time in financial freedom. It is true…see the videos on my blog page…people get so healthy on Isagenix because it is a system to plug into and the products are of the finest quality.

Now, most people aren’t thrilled with the idea of giving up their beloved Pumpkin  Spice Latte because of the whopping 50grams of sugar in it!!! Did you know that your daily should be no more than 30grams…look it up on the Heart and Stroke Foundation Website! This is not some crunchy granola talking head here. Sugar…in a round about way and a direct way, FEEDS TUMORS! I do Isagenix. Some days are harder, some days are easy, but now I like the look of myself in photos. I don’t cringe. I think…damn…I look pretty good…and I know that I am doing all I can to prevent disease. I cleanse, I re-nourish, and I teach others to do the same. I do it for my family, like I do so many other things in life. I look after them and their health too. What better gift than to give them their mom in these years that we have left, a healthy, happy mom.

There is no magic pill, ladies! Taxol derivatives work as chemotherapy because they block estrogen receptors. We have too much estrogen! Come with me! Let’s do this…let’s lose the weight and give ourselves a fighting chance!

How’s Your Hippocampus?

cartoon brain : illustration of brain on white Illustration

My hippocampus is none of your business!

Well, actually, it is…because it is a part of your brain that is responsible for memory, and it breaks down, corrodes, as we age…that is why we can’t remember things…like how to spell hippocampus…and why you were put in the old folks home and who your kids are…there is an epidemic happening right now and it is early dementia in people in their 40s and 50s. So I thought I would share a little info that might help you or someone you know make some critical decisions about how they are going to move forward with caring for their brain. This will change your life! If you aren’t excited about how these products can save your brain, then I think you might be in a coma!

Another part of the brain that breaks down as we age are the ventricles. The tissue actually erodes…it is gone…and that takes away the brain’s ability to talk to itself. We are talking about ORGANIC brain damage…the tissue is dissolved! The only way to prevent it is through nutrition (supplements), diet changes and lifestyle changes!

And lastly, the Gyri, or the spaces between the brain and the skull where memories are stored…well they get eroded too. You’ve seen it is aging people that you know…you know this is true. It is not just a funny thing that happens to old people. The memory loss and coordination loss that accompanies aging is due to damage to the tissues of the brain. This damage is due to stress, improper diet and lifestyle.

Call to Action! In your adult life…take care of your brain! There are many ways to do it…lots of herbal combinations out there…but Isagenix has an easy to follow and effective system that has been developed by the world’s leading scientists, to repair and protect the brain with the finest plant essences, anti-oxidants, omega-3, proper diet, cleansing and BRAIN and Sleep system!

Watch this video and find out more. Then call me when you are ready to do your best for your brain…Eat right…get sleep…and get Isagenix!


Vancouver Allergy….Get Your Life BACK!!! and KEEP what is YOURS!

Clean and Simple!


This video says it all. Detoxify the body and mind and give your body the tools it needs to fight off disease! How would it feel to get through cold and flu season without drowning in a box of tissues? How would it feel to release 10 or more pounds of weight that is holding you back? How would it feel to fit into that party dress by New Years? How would it feel to wake up in the morning with more energy?

Cancer, arthritis, gout, dementia…these diseases of toxicity are on the rise…epidemic rates! Our generation has to do something NOW…The medical system has nothing to offer. There is no cure for a lifetime of neglect. The cure is on your fork…or in your cup. This line of products is the best on the market. The company stands behind them, and you support a small business…small now, but going global!! If you aren’t ready, please share this with someone who is. If you aren’t ready…what is holding you back?

Coaching and support the whole way and great events to cheer you on! You are amazing!! Let yourself shine!

Want the Athlete’s Edge?

Hello to all the armchair athletes, recreational runners, marathoners, martial arts ninjas, rugby, soccer and hockey players!

What is your nutritional plan for your body? You demand performance. You want to feel energy. You need to feel power and strength. You need to lose that pudge! Kids and adults alike…

If you don’t have a nutritional plan, or if your plan involves chicken and brown rice, or uggg…gatorade!!! then we need to talk. Watch this video, and when you are ready to really develop power, strength and endurance, and enjoy a way better energy drink…call me…You can get started in 3-5 business days!!! You will feel results or you get your money back. You have nothing to lose…except that sludgy, pudgy, soggy midsection…seriously…you will make such a difference for your body. Cleansing and Nourishment…these products have it all.

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