Detox Foot Spa

In our modern world, we take on more toxins than we can get rid of on our own. The detox foot bath is the answer. You will feel more relaxed, sleep better, have less pain, have healthier skin, less bloating, and less reactivity after a series of detox foot spas. The detox foot spa is so effective at removing toxins that it is actually considered an better alternative than IV chelation therapy. With the detox foot spa, the body is not left to deal with the toxic residue left behind by chelation.

The result is alkaline tissues and fewer substances to overburden the immune system, the joints, skin and body in general. pH testing and muscle testing will show that the body becomes more alkaline and has fewer heavy metals present after the treatments.

It is a complete package; BIE to rebalance the body and the detox foot spa to remove various stressor substances. With fewer toxins to cope with, the body is free to heal itself.

Vancouver Allergy is for anyone who is interested in a natural approach that will give you the FREEDOM to feel calmer, less stressed, less reactive, to eat the foods you wish and be around substances that used to bother you.

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