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Bring Me Your Aches and Pains

How Can Foot Reflexology Help You?

Foot reflexology is a non invasive therapeutic touch that uses the pressure points in the whole foot, toes, heel, and ankles to help the body achieve better balance. The pressure points are the ends of nerve pathways that connect to every body system, including the brain, liver, digestive system, lungs, spine and more. By stimulating these pressure points, the fight or flight stress response is turned off, allowing for “rest and digest” to be activated. The body, mind and soul are calmed, allowing for healing and peace. Two other things happen during your foot reflexology treatment. There is increased blood circulation and increased lymphatic circulation. The body and mind get fresh oxygen and nutrition, and waste products are removed from the organs. Naturally and painlessly. All you feel is relaxed, calm and nurtured, as your body and mind return to a healing state. The stress of your day melts away and you feel at peace.

Who Benefits from Foot Reflexology?

People who are healthy, active, and want to increase their wellness, or who suffer from athletic pains, muscle cramps, sore joints, stressful job or life or event, anxiety, depression, digestive upset, coughing, inflammation, PMS, menopause, difficult periods, neck pain, people who sit at a desk a lot, shift workers, people who have been in a car accident, had broken bones, or sprains, plantar faciitis, allergies, immune system issues, cancer, or any other type of issue that leaves you feeling out of balance, and in need of healing.

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