Got Statins?

Lots of people take a class of drugs called “Statins”. This is category of drugs that block cholesterol production in the body, with the intent to lower a person’s cholesterol level. The common name for statins are Lipitor and Crestor.

If you have high cholesterol, you might consider visiting Vancouver Allergy for testing to see if the underlying cause can be identified. Frequently people can (with their Doctor’s approval) stop depending on these drugs. According to The Fungus Link, only 1% of people actually produce too much cholesterol. For the rest of the people who take statins, there is a non-genetic underlying cause….

The problem with statins is that they reduce the level of a critical nutrient in the body, called CoEnzyme Q10. Now, you may not realize this, but the same drug that is recommended to save your life, is depleting you of a nutrient that is vital to life. It is vital that people who take statins ALSO take supplemental CoQ10, especially if you suffer from fatigue, muscle weakness and soreness…did you know that your heart is also a muscle…? It wouldn’t be good for your health if that muscle got fatigued, now would it?

Here is some information regarding this vital vitamin-like substance:

  • it is required..that is REQUIRED…by the liver, brain, heart, kidneys, pancreas…rather important nutrient…would you agree?
  • it strengthens the immune system…also a good thing…?
  • Helps to release stored energy…good…
  • Is an antioxidant…so far…all good…
  • it is absolutely necessary for detoxification of the body…and have you looked around lately? There are lots of toxins out there…
  • Toxicity is not normally observed in healthy individuals or unhealthy individuals…up to 3600 mg/day (
  • Blood concentration of CoQ10 is reduced by up to 40% by statin use.

How much should you take??

according to Dr. Graveline, you should take 200-500 mg per day. Natures Sunshine Brand offers softgel caps (oil-based CoQ10 is significantly better absorbed) containing 50mg per capsule. Order yours by clicking here

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