How’s Your Hippocampus?

cartoon brain : illustration of brain on white Illustration

My hippocampus is none of your business!

Well, actually, it is…because it is a part of your brain that is responsible for memory, and it breaks down, corrodes, as we age…that is why we can’t remember things…like how to spell hippocampus…and why you were put in the old folks home and who your kids are…there is an epidemic happening right now and it is early dementia in people in their 40s and 50s. So I thought I would share a little info that might help you or someone you know make some critical decisions about how they are going to move forward with caring for their brain. This will change your life! If you aren’t excited about how these products can save your brain, then I think you might be in a coma!

Another part of the brain that breaks down as we age are the ventricles. The tissue actually erodes…it is gone…and that takes away the brain’s ability to talk to itself. We are talking about ORGANIC brain damage…the tissue is dissolved! The only way to prevent it is through nutrition (supplements), diet changes and lifestyle changes!

And lastly, the Gyri, or the spaces between the brain and the skull where memories are stored…well they get eroded too. You’ve seen it is aging people that you know…you know this is true. It is not just a funny thing that happens to old people. The memory loss and coordination loss that accompanies aging is due to damage to the tissues of the brain. This damage is due to stress, improper diet and lifestyle.

Call to Action! In your adult life…take care of your brain! There are many ways to do it…lots of herbal combinations out there…but Isagenix has an easy to follow and effective system that has been developed by the world’s leading scientists, to repair and protect the brain with the finest plant essences, anti-oxidants, omega-3, proper diet, cleansing and BRAIN and Sleep system!

Watch this video and find out more. Then call me when you are ready to do your best for your brain…Eat right…get sleep…and get Isagenix!


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