Nature’s Sunshine Nutrition Products

730 Million Reasons to use

Nature’s Sunshine Products!

1.       Quality: Over 600 tests.Nature’s Sunshine has built its reputation on purity, quality and efficacy. NSP tests for foreign materials and for micro-contamination, such as salmonella and E.coli, yeast and mold as well as heavy metal contamination, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and PCB’s.


2.       Safety: Organic growers strive to offer crops free of chemical additives. NSP even tests organic materials, extensively. An organic label is not a guarantee of safety, but and NSP label is. Nature’s Sunshine has earned an enviable reputation worldwide because it simply won’t compromise on quality

3.       Compensation: The highest in the industry. Nutritional Supplements are a $60 billion(US), rising $8 billion per year!  (Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations). You earn 30% retail profit, plus up to 21% rebate just for helping people that you know get healthier, live longer, and live happier.

4.       Product User or Business Development?: You choose. You can be a happy product consumer, or develop a successful business, with training and educational opportunities.


5.       730 Million Prospective Customers : are waiting for you! NSP is established in over 70 countries, with 37 years of successful sales growth.  NSP is a global giant. This is a multi-million dollar worldwide company.


6.       I Want You To Join My Team: I am committed to helping you grow your (and my) Nature’s Sunshine business. I provide training, customer handouts, and quick start programs for common health complaints such as arthritis, stress, migraine headaches, menopause, acne and eczema.


7.       Your Friends Will Wonder:  You will look healthier, your skin and eyes will be shining. You will look so healthy that your friends will wonder what you have done? They will want to look like you! They will be asking what your secret is…just don’t keep it a secret. Share NSP with everyone you know and before you know it, even your bank account will be healthier!

To Sample NSP and For More Information:

Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd, RBIE

Vancouver Allergy


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