Nutritional Therapy for ADHD

Hello! Did you know that there is a nutritional perspective to helping people with ADHD or other attention disorders?


Well there is and people…kids and adults alike are benefiting from adding some strategic supplementation to their diet. I know…our diets are all ok and we get all the nutrients we need…but in actual fact, that is NOT true. So what do you do and where should you go for help?

Come to Vancouver Allergy!

Three reasons why…

1. I use my experience and education and the Zyto Elite to advise people on supplements that will actually be beneficial for them, based on each person’s unique metabolic profile and requirements.

2. I carry top quality supplements from companies who value quality as much as you do

3. I can also test for food or other sensitivities that are contributing to the lack of attention.


If you are ready for adding some strategic supplements to your routine…most people know they should…there is an old saying…you are what you eat…see me to find out what to take…I can ship directly to you or have everything ready in the office during your appointment. It is easy and really…what do you have to lose but frustration? Your child’s body needs key nutrients that are required in higher amounts when they are coping with stress, anxiety and having difficulty focusing. Help them out by providing them with optimal nutrition through supplementation.

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