BIE Treatment – The cornerstone of my practice! A personalized 40-60 min appointment featuring an in depth BioEnergetic Check-In with the Zyto Elite to reveal inflammation patterns in the body and the variety of foods and substances that contribute to inflammation, allergies, soreness, skin irritations, chest congestion, joint pain and emotional health. Find out what is irritating you! I use BIE (BioEnergetics) to re-balance the body. Then you scan again and find out which supplements, herbs and/or vitamins can help. A report is included for your records. You will be amazed at how great you feel after your treatments! $110 each for 3 or fewer per home, $399 per family of 4.

Detox Foot Bath: Detoxification is the cornerstone of longevity and health. How would you like to dump the junk that is overwhelming your system? The Detox Foot Bath is a 30 minute treatment to cleanse the blood and tissues of toxins and heavy metals. This footspa feel amazing! You will feel energized, less pain, you will sleep better, be happier and have a better functioning body! $60 per treatment. 10% family of 4 discount.


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