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February Featured Products!

February is Heart Month! So, let me share some great stuff for the HEART and Circulation!

WHY? Did you know that heart disease and circulatory system disease are two of the three leading causes of death in North America?

It is worth making some effort to improve our health!

  1. Walk 20 minutes or more EACH DAY!

  2. Cut down on processed foods, fatty foods, drive thrus

  3. Eat more veggies!!! Start where you are and eat 1-2 more veggies per day until you eat about 7 veggies each day!

  4. Reduce Stress…any way you can. Yoga, exercise, meditation, lifestyle changes

  5. quit smoking, and reduce alcohol

  6. Take a supplement to help your health! Consult your doctor before trying any new exercise or supplement, of course, but here are some ideas of ones you can look into from my favourite company, Nature’s Sunshine. How about Super Omega 3 soft gels, Nature’s Harvest Shake Mix, Super Vitamins and Minerals, or Cardiox LDL?


You Can Improve Your Health with Lifestyle Change and Nutrition.