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You vs The Common Cold

That is the title match this fall and winter…how many times will you get sick. It starts when the kids pick up something and bring home their runny nose and sore throat. Or when you are sitting on the Skytrain beside someone who smells like Vicks Vap-O-Rub and has tissues stuffed in their sleeves…that’s it…you know you are going to get it eventually…

How Would It Feel to sail through winter without a cold? Impossible, right? If you are convinced of that, then stop reading this and go to the store and stock up on your favourite Over The Counter Remedy…

If you believe that you can BOOST your immune system and provide your body with the necessary nourishment to be strong,  vital and be able to stay healthy in the face of a viral onslaught, then I want to talk to you!!

How would it feel to have the right nutritional products in your cupboard. Here’s an idea, you can clear out your over the counter meds and make room for some natural, healing, nourishing supplements.

My family is living proof. I have 4 kids in school, in rec centre programs, swimming lessons, and a business in which I see a variety of people face to face each day. We don’t live in a bubble. I have not been sick in so long that I actually can’t remember my last cold. I am thinking that the year may have started in 19…

My kids, they get the odd sniffle or sore throat, but they are done in a couple of days. No sick time away from school…no diarrhea attacks. I have to confess, we had a croupy cough that just made the rounds last week…two of the four got it, and I think they coughed 5-10 times, and it was done. I used to think my eldest daughter would be destined to get croup every year. She used to get it so bad that it would set in in October/November every year for weeks. I would take her outside to breath the cooler air, I would put her in the steamy bathroom…nothing helped for long. I though…well, I have fall to summer chest congestion, so she does too. Oh well…but she hasn’t gotten her cough back in the last 2 years… and my second son was prescribed an inhaler (!) and nebulizer in 2010. He used it twice. I changed their diets, worked with their mold and dust and food  intolerances and make sure they take their supplements each day. No more cough, no more anxiety, no more mommy-guilt.

If you are looking for a nutritional breakthrough, then we need to talk. Come and see me and let me help you have a different experience this winter.



Croup…Makes You Droop!

Croup…not fun…that wheezy,  hoarse, barking cough that sounds like a seal or a dog. It is caused by a viral infection in the larynx or trachea which causes it to narrow due to the swelling. The larynx goes into spasms and the person has difficulty breathing. Anyways, you end up with a bunch of inflammation, narrowing of the airways, pain and shortness of breath…and freaked out parents.

Did you know that croup is most common in kids and babies? Many hundreds of thousands of them each year. As any parent knows, it usually strikes at night. Oh joy.

Interesting factoid…it is often caused by the measles virus, and runs its course in 5-6 days.

So, what can you do for croup?

1. Diet: Eat an abundance of fresh, raw, veggies and fruits…pureed, juiced, etc…but ones that contain high quality vitamins and minerals.

2. Vitamin C: helps control infection and fever by boosting immune system.

3. Zinc: promotes immune function, is necessary for healing

4. Vitamin A or Cod Liver Oil: needed for healing mucous membranes

5. Vitamin E: destroys free radicals and carries oxygen to cells

And others!! Talk to your knowledgeable practitioner! Don’t let croup in your coop!!




Natural Remedies that Work!

Have you heard people coughing these days? People knocked out by viruses?  in bed sick? In the sunny summer weather people are being brought down by sickness! What is up with that?

Then your neighbor or friend offers good hearted advice of what worked for them or their friend or their auntie…drink lemon tea, go to dr so and so, get a chest xray, take probiotics, rub Vicks Vap-o-rub into your feet…well, that is a lot of information and where do you start? I would start at Vancouver Allergy…even if I didn’t own the company, that is where I would start. I built this company as the place to start, the place to help and the place to leave when you are better. I built it on intention, using the finest energy medicine modalities, the herbal and nutritional remedies that bring about natural healing. It is my company, it healed me, it healed my family and continues to heal us when things go wrong…it has healed hundreds of clients, and it can heal you.

Maybe it is a virus, perhaps it is acid reflux, maybe an allergy…there are many plausible explanations. How much time do you want to spend exploring them?

Did you know that the majority of sicknesses come from an overload of toxins and inadequate nutrition? By inadequate, I mean just not the right things right now.

Perhaps you do have acid reflux..there is a nutritional and herbal remedy for that that works with the underlying causes. Tecta or other pharmaceuticals might “work”, but they leave you vulnerable to side effects and they don’t address the reason why this imbalance existed in the first place…it is most likely due to a nutritional reason.

Are you affected by a virus? That is a definite possibility. But how and why are you vulnerable to viral attack? It is most likely a nutritional reason and or overload of toxins. If you fall to a virus in the middle of summer, then, how is your winter looking? This is a sign that you need something nutritionally and maybe to detoxify…to give your body a fighting chance against the viruses that are everywhere. It makes sense that if your body isn’t fighting off a food that you are eating everyday, then it has more resources to allocate to fighting off the real enemies, viruses and bacteria. Imagine if your body is reacting to something common like, olive oil or salt or pepper, and you eat these things daily as part of a healthy diet. Your body won’t have adequate resources to fight the real problem…a virus…and you get sick.

Maybe your hacking cough is due to an allergy. It is common to react to air pollution, gasoline or diesel exhaust, pollen (especially ragweed in the fall), house dust and foods. Even full moon, lunar and solar cycles, condensation in the air, pressure changes, and humidity cause the body to react. When you react to something you can’t get away from, you need to fix that problem from the inside out, lower the threshold of reactivity and thus help your body to not react. It is possible, and it is a common thing to achieve. I see it every time I go to work. People used to react, and now they don’t. I desensitize the body to these stressor substances. So why not try it? Try a natural modality at Vancouver Allergy and heal yourself naturally.

My reason for telling you all of this is to suggest that you try a natural remedy first. And by that, I mean, not running to the health food store to ask the employee what they recommend. I have done that. I spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of stuff that has no effect on my symptoms and I become frustrated at natural remedies and still end up in the doctor’s office getting a prescription. What I am suggesting is come to someone like me, who’s business and livelihood is at stake. I have the experience and the technology to guide me and you to the right remedies, the right foods to avoid, the pollens that are reacting for you and to detoxify your body.

Don’t be sick. I believe that we are all here on Earth to live the healthiest life possible. If you have something that is giving you trouble, then let’s figure out why and how you are reacting and solve it organically using supplements that are as close to the earth as possible and natural modalities that heal in as little as 1-3 sessions. Living a healthier life is within your grasp. For kids and adults, babies and grandparents. Live the best life you can, the longest life you can in the healthiest body, the cleanest most nourished body you can.