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How Do You Fit 68 Meals Into 1 Box?

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Stop Pants Abuse!

So, how do you fit 68 meals into one box, plus make them yummy, nutritious, filling, gluten-free, kid-friendly, fast and convenient, and able to be served hot or cold?

Well, Isagenix has the answer. For millions of people who want to make a healthier choice, to take a healthier path, to make baby-steps, or go the full-nine…Isagenix.

Isagenix is a health and wellness company that is changing the way the way you nourish yourself and your family in this busy, processed-food laden world. You don’t have to eat crap, just because it is on every corner! Grab a shake or a bar and a salad or green-drink to go along with it. You will feel more energy and shed some unwanted pounds.

The decision to look after yourself now, while you have the time, is like a good financial investment. You invest a little each month, push your comfort zone perhaps, but you stick to it for the next few years, and you will have something to show for it. Same goes for health. Invest some time, energy and desire now, and it will pay off with strength, lean muscle, time and longevity. If you take care of yourself now, imagine how you will enjoy your life, rather than spending the last 10 years of it sick and on the specialist’s waiting list.

Make that call today and let me get you started on the path to Get Your Life Back!


Calling all Women! and Men Who Love Them!

best friendsThis is a call to action for all women. It is time to empower our health and get healthy. Nobody else is going to do it for us…we have to take control and get into a healthier routine for LIFE! Let’s get FIRED UP Ladies!!

According to this month’s Nutrition Action Newsletter, 1 in 9 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer…that is 24, 400 in 2014 alone. 5000 of us will die of breast cancer in 2014. If that doesn’t shock you then read on…breast cancer is the number one cancer killer of women, followed a distant second by lung cancer. Lung cancer has well known risk factors…not so of breast cancer, which is striking women of all ages, races, socioeconomic status and across all other boundaries.

We all know someone who has fought or died of this dreaded disease. I know several women within 10 years of my age…some older, some younger, who have DIED!!! leaving young kids without their mom. This is an epidemic among women and a women’s issue that is decimating our friends and family.

Walter Willet from Harvard University says that we know how to protect women from breast cancer and these center on diet and lifestyle. To summarize, diet…get rid of the carbs and completely ditch sugar. Insulin, which is a perfectly natural hormone, is secreted in response to sugar and causes our cells to store sugar for later use. The problem is, that later never comes, and we end up with our cells bursting with excess fuel stores. The other problem is that insulin also feeds breast cancer cells and causes them to proliferate and grow.

Another risk factor is body fat. I know, touchy subject, and no women in her right mind wants to be reminded of that muffin top…but excess body fat, even 10 pounds, is a known risk factor for breast cancer. Body fat makes estrogen…again, a perfectly natural hormone, but in the quantities that we are exposed to from body fat, many women are “estrogen dominant” and estrogen FEEDS breast cancer. This is one reason that men are also getting “hormone-dependent” cancer…their body fat also secretes estrogen (hence the man boobs) and estrogen feeds cancer.

The third and last risk factor that I wanted to tell you about from this latest research from Harvard University is xeno-estrogens. These estrogen-like chemicals in the environment are found in all of our body fat and again, estrogen-like substances also feed breast cancer. You increase your exposure from plastics…water bottles, plastic lined cans, plastic lined coffee cups…toxic, toxic, toxic.

If you want to get serious about cleansing out those toxins and getting off the carbs, then you NEED to see me. I am serious. I have been on Isagenix for 6 months now, and have lost 30 pounds of weight. I am running again, I am doing a 10K (the first one in 6 years) in November, and I feel 10 years younger. The foundation of Isagenix is cleansing and nourishment. My business model is clear. Empower people to get healthy…NOW… I share many things with¬† women and men and share the tools to get healthy, stay healthy and if they want, earn a residual income with Isagenix so they can enjoy their family time in financial freedom. It is true…see the videos on my blog page…people get so healthy on Isagenix because it is a system to plug into and the products are of the finest quality.

Now, most people aren’t thrilled with the idea of giving up their beloved Pumpkin¬† Spice Latte because of the whopping 50grams of sugar in it!!! Did you know that your daily should be no more than 30grams…look it up on the Heart and Stroke Foundation Website! This is not some crunchy granola talking head here. Sugar…in a round about way and a direct way, FEEDS TUMORS! I do Isagenix. Some days are harder, some days are easy, but now I like the look of myself in photos. I don’t cringe. I think…damn…I look pretty good…and I know that I am doing all I can to prevent disease. I cleanse, I re-nourish, and I teach others to do the same. I do it for my family, like I do so many other things in life. I look after them and their health too. What better gift than to give them their mom in these years that we have left, a healthy, happy mom.

There is no magic pill, ladies! Taxol derivatives work as chemotherapy because they block estrogen receptors. We have too much estrogen! Come with me! Let’s do this…let’s lose the weight and give ourselves a fighting chance!

Cleanse, People!!!

We have all heard of the dreaded “Cleanse”…a period of time without food to allow the body to detoxify, or perhaps a period of time when someone consumes only juices, or water, or soup, or restricts sugar, wheat, dairy…all slightly different variations on the same theme that has been employed since ancient times, before they even invented pesticides, trans-fats, and refined sugar…cleanse the body, allow it to rest, allow for impurities to be released…for optimal health.

So fast forward to 2014. There are over 16, 000 pesticides legally used in the USA alone. 16,000 toxins, that kill other animals, are applied to our food and crop land.

93% of Americans have chlorpyrifos (a known neurotoxin type pesticide) in their urine and 99% of Americans have DDT derivatives in their bodies. Our foods are highly contaminated. According to whatsonmyfood.org there are 52 pesticides on blueberries alone, and all obviously, have varying manners of activity, from neurotoxin to hormone disruption…since that is precisely what they are designed to do. So, the point of this article is to highlight one of the many reasons to cleanse.

I suppose an equally valid point would be to make food choices wisely and reduce pesticide exposure as much as possible. But, considering that you can never completely avoid chemicals on foods and in the environment, the best thing you can do is cleanse. Try different cleanses, find a routine that works for you.

This idea of cleansing repeats itself at Vancouver Allergy. We have a detox footspa that cleanses the blood. We provide herbal cleanses for yeast overgrowth, parasites, bowel/liver, kidney, you name it, we know how to cleanse it. The third way that we recommend cleansing is to eat the Isagenix way. Isagenix is an online health food store that sells products designed with two purposes in mind…nutrition and cleansing. Common sense.

It is widely and historically recognized that cleansing is imperative to health, so why now, in this era of tens of thousands of pesticides, on top of the thousands of chemicals that we are exposed to daily, refined food, altered fats, air pollution, pharmaceuticals, stress and contaminated drinking water are we going to say that we don’t need cleansing? We have skyrocketing rates of cancer and other diseases, pandemic flu scares, and nutritionally depleted food. The ancients cleansed, and all they ate was grass fed meat and organic veggies and fruits. Surely we can see the value in this process.

So if you are ready to get started in a small way, or a big way, contact us at Vancouver Allergy and let us help you make that step!



Proud to offer Isagenix

People ask me why I brought Isagenix into my practice. The answer is simple. I wanted a SYSTEM of nutrition to support my clients. I see it everyday…I try to help people overcome their health obstacles…and these are health conscious people who are spending money on themselves and investing in their health…but the underlying fact is that their unhealthy body fat, poor nutrition and consumption of the Standard North American diet is leaving them toxic and deprived of nourishment.

Adequate nourishment is essential for detoxifying, cleansing and supporting the immune system, hormone system and the entire body.

When you are ready to transform your health, give Isagenix a try. Free 20 min consultations available. Order online, or by phoning Vancouver Allergy.