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What Does Putin Have to Do With Cholesterol?

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Hey Comrade…Read this Blog…I am Featured in it and I like that!

Do you want to impress your buddies with some new banter around the water cooler? Are you tired of discussing the latest politics, plebiscites and parties? Well, fasten your seat belts because here are the top 5 facts about HEART DISEASE that I learned from watching Dr Jay’s¬†webinar.



1. Cholesterol is a natural substance that is necessary for the production and maintenance of healthy cell membranes, hormones (like testosterone, cortisol and estrogen…you like your sex hormones, right?), and brain cells (which are very important to most people). No matter what you think of your co-worker’s intelligence, even his brain is mostly fat. So here is how you can prove you are smarter than him…give him a multiple choice test…

Hey, Bob, here is a quiz for you…

If the Pope, Barak Obama and Vladamir Putin walk into a bar…what is the fat content of Putin’s brain?

a) 10%

b) 60%

c) 100%

d) 0% Putin’s brain is made of something else

The correct answer is 60%…everyone’s brain is give or take 60% fat, and cholesterol necessary to each one!

2. Cholesterol becomes STICKY when it is oxidized…big word for what happens when a good guy turns to the dark side and joins Darth and the artery plugging StromTroopers as they invade your rebel base! So, in this scenario, who are the under represented, but oh so powerful Rebel Alliance? That is correct…ANTIOXIDANTS…found in veggies and fruits…and by the way, the Rebel Alliance is outnumbered and Darth and the boys are taking command of the galaxy

The Death Star is Fully Operational!!


3. Half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. Total cholesterol is one of 250 known risk factors for heart disease, and the over reliance on total cholesterol has resulted in 56 million Americans being prescribed statin drugs…which have known and adverse side effects…think of another disease that starts with C…think of blocking the very pathway that makes sex hormones…think of blocking an enzyme that is necessary for muscle growth and function…the heart is a muscle…oh no…did your brain just explode?

This one’s a goner!


4. The heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood every day! That is the equivalent of the amount of gas you would use driving a Lexus from Vancouver to Moscow and back 8 times!

This is in Moscow…drive your Lexus there and see it for yourself!

5. Certain nutritional deficiencies contribute to the development of heart disease. These deficiencies can be caused by our higher stress modern lifestyle, air pollution, diet pop consumption (which puts you at a 61% increased risk for cardiovascular diseases)…high sugar modern diet, highly¬†processed food modern diet, and a diet that contains a lot of highly processed sugar…hmmm…aren’t these the same risk factors for a bunch of bad diseases?

How would you like to know how cholesterol is linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia? Stay tuned for another blog…

The good news is that if you are looking for a natural way to defeat the Empire and kick Darth’s butt, you need to get control of the inflammation in your body…inflammation is like Darth’s red light saber…zing…zing…zing…if you are under attack, your cholesterol (Storm Trooper) levels will be sky high!

You need to learn the ways of the Jedi, use the Force…or maybe it is easier to just lose the excess junk in the trunk, exercise, laugh more, eat a whole shwak of veggies every day and super charge yourself with the right supplements. Specifically, if people ate an apple every day, 8500 people could avoid a stroke or heart attack. That is a lot of apples…lets see…365 apples per year for 8500 people…that is over 3 million apples, so I assume that would be good news for apple growers aswell…and just to put it in context, that is the same number of strokes that prescription statins are said to prevent, except that the apple growers don’t see a dime of those sales. Fight Darth with Apples!!


You found my weakness!! APPLES!!!!

Delicious Ideas for Fall Apples


Words of Wisdome…Stay away from Poutine (and Putin….) Eating a gillion grams of fat doesn’t make your brain larger…

There are also several supplements that you should use to extend your longevity, increase your vitality and energy, even if you do choose to take statins. If you know someone who could benefit from increased health, share this blog post with them PLEASE! I can help get them to their goal!


How Do You Fit 68 Meals Into 1 Box?

Funny Fat People - Funny Fat People 016 (FunnyPica.com)

Stop Pants Abuse!

So, how do you fit 68 meals into one box, plus make them yummy, nutritious, filling, gluten-free, kid-friendly, fast and convenient, and able to be served hot or cold?

Well, Isagenix has the answer. For millions of people who want to make a healthier choice, to take a healthier path, to make baby-steps, or go the full-nine…Isagenix.

Isagenix is a health and wellness company that is changing the way the way you nourish yourself and your family in this busy, processed-food laden world. You don’t have to eat crap, just because it is on every corner! Grab a shake or a bar and a salad or green-drink to go along with it. You will feel more energy and shed some unwanted pounds.

The decision to look after yourself now, while you have the time, is like a good financial investment. You invest a little each month, push your comfort zone perhaps, but you stick to it for the next few years, and you will have something to show for it. Same goes for health. Invest some time, energy and desire now, and it will pay off with strength, lean muscle, time and longevity. If you take care of yourself now, imagine how you will enjoy your life, rather than spending the last 10 years of it sick and on the specialist’s waiting list.

Make that call today and let me get you started on the path to Get Your Life Back!


Back to School Supplements

YAY! It’s official…back to school is happening! So, now you need to label the school supplies and make sure the lunch kit is packed.

But what about their performance in school? Have you ever wondered if your child has sensitivities to wheat, sugar, food coloring, corn, dairy or other foods? What about dust and mold…schools are normally not the cleanest places…

Would you be interested in boosting your child’s immune system so they are less likely to get a cold…we all know that is coming once the herd gets back together…and then the parents get it and have to take time off work to recover!

Have you ever thought your child might benefit from some Omega-3 supplementation, or extra minerals, zinc to make them think, or iron or calcium? How about probiotics? You probably know that your family needs something…just not sure where to start. We work with all budgets and meet you where you are at. If you want one thing or a whole bunch of things, we welcome you to Vancouver Allergy.

How about trying a nutritious and quick protein shake for breakfast on the go. On busy school mornings, nutritionally poor cereal is the breakfast of choice, leaving the brain starved for nutrition. Come by and pick up some yummy shakes for your family and nourish those brains and bodies!!

At Vancouver Allergy we will answer all of your questions pertaining to nutrition, sensitivities and supplements. We offer BioEnergetics to desensitize dust, mold and food intolerances so that the body doesn’t react, and furthermore, so that the body’s immune system doesn’t waste its energy fighting off harmless things like dust, leaving it vulnerable to attack from viruses. We offer quality supplements to support the body nutritionally, and have the tools to figure out exactly what each person needs to help them most effectively.

All of this for $85 per session BIE or $50 a Zyto scan for intolerances and appropriate supplements.

You may also purchase supplements directly from our office without a scan. Walk-Ins are welcomed!!

We hope to see you soon!!