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You vs The Common Cold

That is the title match this fall and winter…how many times will you get sick. It starts when the kids pick up something and bring home their runny nose and sore throat. Or when you are sitting on the Skytrain beside someone who smells like Vicks Vap-O-Rub and has tissues stuffed in their sleeves…that’s it…you know you are going to get it eventually…

How Would It Feel to sail through winter without a cold? Impossible, right? If you are convinced of that, then stop reading this and go to the store and stock up on your favourite Over The Counter Remedy…

If you believe that you can BOOST your immune system and provide your body with the necessary nourishment to be strong,  vital and be able to stay healthy in the face of a viral onslaught, then I want to talk to you!!

How would it feel to have the right nutritional products in your cupboard. Here’s an idea, you can clear out your over the counter meds and make room for some natural, healing, nourishing supplements.

My family is living proof. I have 4 kids in school, in rec centre programs, swimming lessons, and a business in which I see a variety of people face to face each day. We don’t live in a bubble. I have not been sick in so long that I actually can’t remember my last cold. I am thinking that the year may have started in 19…

My kids, they get the odd sniffle or sore throat, but they are done in a couple of days. No sick time away from school…no diarrhea attacks. I have to confess, we had a croupy cough that just made the rounds last week…two of the four got it, and I think they coughed 5-10 times, and it was done. I used to think my eldest daughter would be destined to get croup every year. She used to get it so bad that it would set in in October/November every year for weeks. I would take her outside to breath the cooler air, I would put her in the steamy bathroom…nothing helped for long. I though…well, I have fall to summer chest congestion, so she does too. Oh well…but she hasn’t gotten her cough back in the last 2 years… and my second son was prescribed an inhaler (!) and nebulizer in 2010. He used it twice. I changed their diets, worked with their mold and dust and food  intolerances and make sure they take their supplements each day. No more cough, no more anxiety, no more mommy-guilt.

If you are looking for a nutritional breakthrough, then we need to talk. Come and see me and let me help you have a different experience this winter.



How Do You Fit 68 Meals Into 1 Box?

Funny Fat People - Funny Fat People 016 (FunnyPica.com)

Stop Pants Abuse!

So, how do you fit 68 meals into one box, plus make them yummy, nutritious, filling, gluten-free, kid-friendly, fast and convenient, and able to be served hot or cold?

Well, Isagenix has the answer. For millions of people who want to make a healthier choice, to take a healthier path, to make baby-steps, or go the full-nine…Isagenix.

Isagenix is a health and wellness company that is changing the way the way you nourish yourself and your family in this busy, processed-food laden world. You don’t have to eat crap, just because it is on every corner! Grab a shake or a bar and a salad or green-drink to go along with it. You will feel more energy and shed some unwanted pounds.

The decision to look after yourself now, while you have the time, is like a good financial investment. You invest a little each month, push your comfort zone perhaps, but you stick to it for the next few years, and you will have something to show for it. Same goes for health. Invest some time, energy and desire now, and it will pay off with strength, lean muscle, time and longevity. If you take care of yourself now, imagine how you will enjoy your life, rather than spending the last 10 years of it sick and on the specialist’s waiting list.

Make that call today and let me get you started on the path to Get Your Life Back!


7 Things You Should Have To Out Run the Grim Reaper!

Longevity is life long health, and wellness. It is what we all strive for. I don’t know about you but since I turned 40 and I realize that half my life is most likely gone, and more that half of my healthy-life is most likely gone, it is time to get serious about refueling and super charging this bod for the next few decades when my physical and mental health will be challenged the most.

People spend on average of the last 10 years of their life fighting debilitating disease. If you don’t build and overabundance of resources and stockpiles of health in your body now, you won’t have the juice to fight off illness…and Damn! Don’t you want to be a sexy granny or gramps?  Don’t you want to be attractive to that stubborn old goat that you are spending the rest of your life with? Healthy people take their wellness with the hours of a part time job and the hopes of a great investment. They put the hours and money in now, and hope to reap the harvest in the future when they are skateboarding down the halls of the old folks home.

Our food supply, environment, water and air are stressing our bodies and minds and all that pollution out there causes us to REQUIRE more nutrition than ever before. So, would you like fries with that? How about a double-double to blow your blood sugar of the charts. Just because it fits in your mouth, doesn’t make it food…

But fear not…I have found some great supplements for you to try. For about the same price as fries and a double-double, you could have health-health…so nice, I typed it twice!!

1. Ageless Essentials with Product B: From Isagenix. $140 for 30 day supply. This box of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega-3 and PRODUCT B is a no brainer for everyone and a effective way to buy health insurance. Product B is formulated by the only scientist on the planet who researches telomeres, which for all of you nerds out there, telomeres are segments of DNA that determine your biological age. When the telomeres shorten too much, well, you die…so why wouldn’t you want to take a supplement that prevents that from happening?  $140 per month is less than $5 per day,  is less than what you and a zillion other people spent on coffee and a muffin!

2. Cats Claw Combination: from Natures Sunshine $30 per month: This supplement is amazing at cleaning your lymphatics…what is that you ask? Your lymph is the garbage dump of the blood, and it also carries fat…so guess what gets plugged when you eat too much of the wrong kind of fat..like the kind in those fries…your lymph…guess what is trying to dispose of cancer cells and other crap that is in your body…your lymph…so now that you understand how absolutely fundamental it is to have clean lymph, you should probably try to do something for yourself.

3. IsaLean Shakes from Isagenix: $30 per month: These great tasting shakes have a whole bunch of health benefits. One significant one is maintenance and growth of lean muscle as we age. I like that idea! I want to maintain healthy muscle…like my heart…for as long as I can.

4. Rejuvity Skin Care: From Isagenix: These products are scientifically formulated to give you great skin, from the outside. I love manatees as much as the next person, but I don’t want to look like one. Rejuvity is super charged with nutrition for your skin. It is the  complete system of skin care. I know I have wrinkles already, but why should I have a raison for a face before I absolutely have to?

5. Vitamin D3 from Natures Sunshine…$20 per month: most of us, especially here in the tropical PNW are deficient…downright depleted. And yet, vitamin D is necessary to many of our chemical reactions in our body. So get some.

6. Brain Boost From Isagenix: This supercharged bottle of goodness provides your brain with the necessary plant based nutrients it needs to stop decomposing in your skull. Did you know that after the age of 25, people’s brains shrink and start breaking down? Starting with the parts of the brain responsible for memory, movement and coordination? Oh great! Now, we all have things in our past that we would rather not remember, but the names of your loved ones aren’t (hopefully) in that category.

7. Cure-Q-min from Natures Sunshine. An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and all around great food-based supplement that does lots of good for you, quenches inflammation and fights illness.

Stay healthy…keep what you’ve got, or at least fight for what you have in the time you have left! These products, added to a healthy diet of abundant raw fruits and veggies, lean meats and other nutritious foods and pure, clean water, are your best partners for moving forward in health! Of course you also need to reduce stress, spend more time with your cat and have ample tropical vacations…stress kills! I would be less stressed and able to bring you more blogs if you thought of me for your supplements and let me help you get what you need! Give me a shout and any or all of these lovely products could be yours!


Calling all Women! and Men Who Love Them!

best friendsThis is a call to action for all women. It is time to empower our health and get healthy. Nobody else is going to do it for us…we have to take control and get into a healthier routine for LIFE! Let’s get FIRED UP Ladies!!

According to this month’s Nutrition Action Newsletter, 1 in 9 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer…that is 24, 400 in 2014 alone. 5000 of us will die of breast cancer in 2014. If that doesn’t shock you then read on…breast cancer is the number one cancer killer of women, followed a distant second by lung cancer. Lung cancer has well known risk factors…not so of breast cancer, which is striking women of all ages, races, socioeconomic status and across all other boundaries.

We all know someone who has fought or died of this dreaded disease. I know several women within 10 years of my age…some older, some younger, who have DIED!!! leaving young kids without their mom. This is an epidemic among women and a women’s issue that is decimating our friends and family.

Walter Willet from Harvard University says that we know how to protect women from breast cancer and these center on diet and lifestyle. To summarize, diet…get rid of the carbs and completely ditch sugar. Insulin, which is a perfectly natural hormone, is secreted in response to sugar and causes our cells to store sugar for later use. The problem is, that later never comes, and we end up with our cells bursting with excess fuel stores. The other problem is that insulin also feeds breast cancer cells and causes them to proliferate and grow.

Another risk factor is body fat. I know, touchy subject, and no women in her right mind wants to be reminded of that muffin top…but excess body fat, even 10 pounds, is a known risk factor for breast cancer. Body fat makes estrogen…again, a perfectly natural hormone, but in the quantities that we are exposed to from body fat, many women are “estrogen dominant” and estrogen FEEDS breast cancer. This is one reason that men are also getting “hormone-dependent” cancer…their body fat also secretes estrogen (hence the man boobs) and estrogen feeds cancer.

The third and last risk factor that I wanted to tell you about from this latest research from Harvard University is xeno-estrogens. These estrogen-like chemicals in the environment are found in all of our body fat and again, estrogen-like substances also feed breast cancer. You increase your exposure from plastics…water bottles, plastic lined cans, plastic lined coffee cups…toxic, toxic, toxic.

If you want to get serious about cleansing out those toxins and getting off the carbs, then you NEED to see me. I am serious. I have been on Isagenix for 6 months now, and have lost 30 pounds of weight. I am running again, I am doing a 10K (the first one in 6 years) in November, and I feel 10 years younger. The foundation of Isagenix is cleansing and nourishment. My business model is clear. Empower people to get healthy…NOW… I share many things with  women and men and share the tools to get healthy, stay healthy and if they want, earn a residual income with Isagenix so they can enjoy their family time in financial freedom. It is true…see the videos on my blog page…people get so healthy on Isagenix because it is a system to plug into and the products are of the finest quality.

Now, most people aren’t thrilled with the idea of giving up their beloved Pumpkin  Spice Latte because of the whopping 50grams of sugar in it!!! Did you know that your daily should be no more than 30grams…look it up on the Heart and Stroke Foundation Website! This is not some crunchy granola talking head here. Sugar…in a round about way and a direct way, FEEDS TUMORS! I do Isagenix. Some days are harder, some days are easy, but now I like the look of myself in photos. I don’t cringe. I think…damn…I look pretty good…and I know that I am doing all I can to prevent disease. I cleanse, I re-nourish, and I teach others to do the same. I do it for my family, like I do so many other things in life. I look after them and their health too. What better gift than to give them their mom in these years that we have left, a healthy, happy mom.

There is no magic pill, ladies! Taxol derivatives work as chemotherapy because they block estrogen receptors. We have too much estrogen! Come with me! Let’s do this…let’s lose the weight and give ourselves a fighting chance!

Nutritional Therapy for ADHD

Hello! Did you know that there is a nutritional perspective to helping people with ADHD or other attention disorders?


Well there is and people…kids and adults alike are benefiting from adding some strategic supplementation to their diet. I know…our diets are all ok and we get all the nutrients we need…but in actual fact, that is NOT true. So what do you do and where should you go for help?

Come to Vancouver Allergy!

Three reasons why…

1. I use my experience and education and the Zyto Elite to advise people on supplements that will actually be beneficial for them, based on each person’s unique metabolic profile and requirements.

2. I carry top quality supplements from companies who value quality as much as you do

3. I can also test for food or other sensitivities that are contributing to the lack of attention.


If you are ready for adding some strategic supplements to your routine…most people know they should…there is an old saying…you are what you eat…see me to find out what to take…I can ship directly to you or have everything ready in the office during your appointment. It is easy and really…what do you have to lose but frustration? Your child’s body needs key nutrients that are required in higher amounts when they are coping with stress, anxiety and having difficulty focusing. Help them out by providing them with optimal nutrition through supplementation.

Nature’s Sunshine Nutrition Products

730 Million Reasons to use

Nature’s Sunshine Products!

1.       Quality: Over 600 tests.Nature’s Sunshine has built its reputation on purity, quality and efficacy. NSP tests for foreign materials and for micro-contamination, such as salmonella and E.coli, yeast and mold as well as heavy metal contamination, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and PCB’s.


2.       Safety: Organic growers strive to offer crops free of chemical additives. NSP even tests organic materials, extensively. An organic label is not a guarantee of safety, but and NSP label is. Nature’s Sunshine has earned an enviable reputation worldwide because it simply won’t compromise on quality

3.       Compensation: The highest in the industry. Nutritional Supplements are a $60 billion(US), rising $8 billion per year!  (Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations). You earn 30% retail profit, plus up to 21% rebate just for helping people that you know get healthier, live longer, and live happier.

4.       Product User or Business Development?: You choose. You can be a happy product consumer, or develop a successful business, with training and educational opportunities.


5.       730 Million Prospective Customers : are waiting for you! NSP is established in over 70 countries, with 37 years of successful sales growth.  NSP is a global giant. This is a multi-million dollar worldwide company.


6.       I Want You To Join My Team: I am committed to helping you grow your (and my) Nature’s Sunshine business. I provide training, customer handouts, and quick start programs for common health complaints such as arthritis, stress, migraine headaches, menopause, acne and eczema.


7.       Your Friends Will Wonder:  You will look healthier, your skin and eyes will be shining. You will look so healthy that your friends will wonder what you have done? They will want to look like you! They will be asking what your secret is…just don’t keep it a secret. Share NSP with everyone you know and before you know it, even your bank account will be healthier!

To Sample NSP and For More Information:

Kate Shivers, BSc, BEd, RBIE

Vancouver Allergy



Super Kids, Super Nutrition

All parents try to feed their kids right. Parents know that surpassing the government reccommended amounts for vitamins, minerals, and fibre is the way to fuel growth, immunity and longevity.

But let’s not forget about the adults in the kid’s lives…they need their parents to increase their vitality and longevity aswell.

Let Vancouver Allergy support you on your journey to a more nutritious lifestyle. We host regular Nutrition Hours on Wednesday evenings, and the occasional Saturday…to shed some light on key nutrition issues. In addition, we sell awesome products to help you achieve your nutrition goals.

If weight management is a concern, we offer guidance and support.

For kids and their adults…when you think NUTRITION, think Vancouver Allergy.