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Stress is a six letter word!

Everyone experiences physical and emotional upset and STRESS is actually the body’s response to that. Stress is the response, not the stimulus. The thoughts of having overdue bills or being around unplesant people cause reactivity, or stress, in the body and mind. It is of utmost importance to listen, interpret, and focus on this stress and learn how to calm it down by addressing the stressors.

Even as I write this post, my body is reacting to the stressors around me…there is a garbage truck backing up down the alley outside my window…beeping and engine noise are causing me to react with feelings of overwhelm and annoyance. The smell of its diesel exhaust are causing me to physically react with a slight headache and nasal congestion. The noise and exhaust are the stressors,  my feelings, headache and congestion are the stress.

Did you know that researchers estimate that stress contributes to 80% of all major illnesses, including cancer, depression, high cholesterol, skin disorders, and even back problems? Our bodies and minds are trying to tell us what is bothering us…we just have to recognize the symptoms as being communication. If you shut down the communication with drugs or ignore it completely, without addressing the stressor, then the stress goes deeper. What was a skin problem last year, in time will develop into digestive or respiratory stress. High cholesterol is one example of stress when the body is under fungal attack, or there is emotional stressors, toxins such as heavy metals, and nutritional stressors. These stressors cause the body to react with inflammation and cholesterol release. If it is ignored, then worse problems occur, like heart attack or stroke. Allergies are stress reactions too. They are the result of the body being faced with pollen, pet dander or other substances that are reacting in the airways, digestive system or skin.

So, hopefully you now have an understanding of stressor and stress. Stress is the body pushing back or trying to maintain balance when faced with a stressor.

What I do, at Vancouver Allergy is provide a way to reveal a person’s stressors. You may be unaware that birch pollen, ragweed pollen or air pollution are causing your body to react with hayfever or cholesterol production. I then use electro-acupuncture, nutrition and herbal remedies to help the body cope with the stress and maintain balance. If you provide the body with the tools it needs to maintain balance, then it won’t have to react in other ways. Using hayfever as an example, if you use electro-acupuncture, antioxidants and perhaps another appropriate nutritional supplement, the body will rebalance and the excessive mucous, itchy eyes and itchy throat and other stress responses will subside.

Try it out next time you are wondering how what is causing stress in your body and mind!

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Your thyroid is talking…can you hear it?

Hee hee…just kidding…your thyroid doesn’t actually talk…but if it could, what would yours say?

The thryoid is a very important gland located in the neck. It regulates the metabolic rhythms of your body. So, things like your temperature, body weight, sleep cycles and more can all be affected.

Thyroid imbalances affect millions of people. Most imbalances are subclinical. they can be caused by diet, stress and also imbalances in the liver or other organs.

Check with your healthcare provider and see if your thyroid might be telling you that your diet or other organs need to be addressed. At Vancouver Allergy we offer drugless, needle-free methods to help thyroid, liver or other stressed systems.

If you want to know what your thyroid is saying, see us at Vancouver Allergy

If You Apply A Stress…You Get A Reaction

At Vancouver Allergy, we scan for  what are known as stressors. These substances cause reactivity in the body. Reactivity causes inflammation and inflammation leads to diseases such as allergies, arthritis, IBS, eczema, asthma….even emotional unrest can cause inflammation.

With the Zyto Elite, stressors are revealed by applying technology to communicate with the body electrically. The stressors are then revealed in numerical order from the most to least. This enables the practitioner to do a number of things….BIE to help rebalance the body, scan for nutritional products or homeopathic remedies to bring about homeostasis.


After BIE, we re-scan to determine if any stressors are particularly stubborn and need additional sessions to address. Many times, the re-scan reveals that the body has achieved homeostasis for the stressors. The client will no longer react to those substances that are brought back into balance.


The Zyto Elite has changed the way we practice holistic health at Vancouver Allergy. It allows for custom testing vial production for each and every client….selection of the exact stressor frequencies at the exact homeopathic strength required. This is a unique approach that allows for the most effective BIE session, and the most effective nutritional product selection.

If you would like to see what is stressing you and prevent the inflammation that vrings about disease and imbalance, then book your appointment at Vancouver Allergy today!