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How Do You Fit 68 Meals Into 1 Box?

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Stop Pants Abuse!

So, how do you fit 68 meals into one box, plus make them yummy, nutritious, filling, gluten-free, kid-friendly, fast and convenient, and able to be served hot or cold?

Well, Isagenix has the answer. For millions of people who want to make a healthier choice, to take a healthier path, to make baby-steps, or go the full-nine…Isagenix.

Isagenix is a health and wellness company that is changing the way the way you nourish yourself and your family in this busy, processed-food laden world. You don’t have to eat crap, just because it is on every corner! Grab a shake or a bar and a salad or green-drink to go along with it. You will feel more energy and shed some unwanted pounds.

The decision to look after yourself now, while you have the time, is like a good financial investment. You invest a little each month, push your comfort zone perhaps, but you stick to it for the next few years, and you will have something to show for it. Same goes for health. Invest some time, energy and desire now, and it will pay off with strength, lean muscle, time and longevity. If you take care of yourself now, imagine how you will enjoy your life, rather than spending the last 10 years of it sick and on the specialist’s waiting list.

Make that call today and let me get you started on the path to Get Your Life Back!


Super Kids, Super Nutrition

All parents try to feed their kids right. Parents know that surpassing the government reccommended amounts for vitamins, minerals, and fibre is the way to fuel growth, immunity and longevity.

But let’s not forget about the adults in the kid’s lives…they need their parents to increase their vitality and longevity aswell.

Let Vancouver Allergy support you on your journey to a more nutritious lifestyle. We host regular Nutrition Hours on Wednesday evenings, and the occasional Saturday…to shed some light on key nutrition issues. In addition, we sell awesome products to help you achieve your nutrition goals.

If weight management is a concern, we offer guidance and support.

For kids and their adults…when you think NUTRITION, think Vancouver Allergy.